I was promised decentralization goddammit so why is everyone using wasabi which runs object storage on a giant array of 3.5" floppy disks

@szbalint If you lend me the money I'll gladly move away from Wasabi.

@angristan Is everywhere else just that more expensive?

@szbalint @angristan every other object storage solution I know costs 4-5x more just to store the data

and that number only gets worse and worse the more traffic there is

@ivesen @angristan

Do existing object storage solutions give a discount for deduplicated content?

I'm assuming if we'd take the top 500 fediverse instances and deduplicated the storage between them there would be tremendous space savings.

People would still have to pay for bandwidth but storage costs might go down?

@szbalint @angristan deduplicated content is just money in the coffers for them, so why would they discount it? :bloblul:

@ivesen @angristan

if *someone* from the fediverse would roll storage aimed at fediverse content in particular, it might be economical to do so, that's what I'm remarking on.

@angristan @ivesen

if pricepoints force a decentralized community into centralization that results in a shitty service (with wasabi), we might aswell do some opt-in centralization explicitly that at least shares the benefits (dedup resulting in cost reductions).

@ivesen @angristan @szbalint this discussion got me to looking around. DO has object storage, with much tighter limits, for the same price as Wasabi. My site probably would fit within the $5/month plan, but Wasabi’s higher limits seems like it will prevent a possibly disastrous billing scenario, if we to get a sudden burst of data usage or data transfer.

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