Taking a principled stand on hate speech has the double benefit of allowing me to identify some instances that I have missed from the suspended instances list.


Btw I’m so not here for bad-faith arguments. White supremacists love throwing any argument against the wall to get what they want, there is no consistency in their positions or any sincerely held beliefs about neutrality or freedom of speech or about echo chambers or intolerance.

Don’t fall for this. Don’t be a useful idiot and tolerate people who think taking a giant dump in your living room is normal. You don’t debate people like that.

@szbalint weren't you the one who called one of our former moderators a free speech extremist for using the word snowflake?

@szbalint You don't have to be a "white supremacist" to be pro-choice & for internet freedom.

Echo chambers are why I think "instance blocking" servers is silly.

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