Don't expect much. Heroes don't save democracy, lots of people doing gruntwork do.

Mueller is quite a bad public speaker.


It's kind of cool that everyone is sort of abdicating responsibility for dealing with the situation.

Mueller pushed out the report, but in a way that remained broadly inaccessible to most people who are not used to parsing legal documents in day-to-day life.

When it came to actually explaining and clarifying the report he flat out refused during testimony. It's not sticking to the rules, it's using rules as an excuse not to rise to the occasion.

Democrats and media didn't really step into the vacuum at all.

So impeachment is stalled.

> nerdy guy who definitely isn't one of them talky types
> extremely carefully worded document precisely detailing the factual matrix of an extremely contentious issue
> not his job, in fact would quite reasonably arguably be wrongly overreaching, to decide what to do with those facts

i would've just literally read the report in a monotone voice until they told me to stop

@carcinopithecus I’m not sure if it was because he just didn’t want to get involved or some misconstrued sense of neutrality but his performance was bizarre.

He was basically asked to summarize the report and stand behind its main conclusions and he did neither.

It’s clear from the report that he thinks Russia gravely interfered and also that Trump should be impeached for obstruction. Playing coy and not saying it explicitly is a huge disservice to his country.

@carcinopithecus I read that extremely carefully written report, which is the equivalent of reading peer reviewed medical studies. It’s so elitist of Mueller to expect most people to be able to parse that.

People need medical advice/political facts on a level they can comprehend and therefor act on.

Mueller’s job wasn’t to produce a report for some congressional archive, his job in spirit was to inform the public about events stemming from the 2016 election.

@szbalint Unfortunately he was explicitly restricted from the types of statements you seem to have been expecting. There will be more to come, but expect that everyone with information will be censured similarly.

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