I had to open a youtube video for moderation purposes.

The video was calling trans people mentally ill - if you ever post something like this on this instance you're banned, it's against my terms of service.

I opened that video in a browser that I don't normally use and in that browser now I'm getting a bunch of hateful stuff recommended, UKIP fringe shit and Fox news trashtalking trans people.

It was ONE fucking video. And people are wondering how Youtube is radicalizing others. This is how.

@szbalint I recommend using to prevent your data from being saved.It fetches Youtube video data at the server side and presents it to you on a simple page without ads and tracking.

@nipos this can come in handy, thanks! (not that i really want to look at more jhonen peabody's pretentious garbage but at least i can pick it apart if need be without 10 minutes of "cleanup" after)

I got a Fox news video with Tucker Carlson recommended to me once, I clicked on it out of curiosity -- predictably it was total garbage. After I gave dislike I haven't seen video recommendation like that.

I suspect that watching the video and not giving feedback is considered as 'positive engagement'. The extremist right has found a way to exploit the algorithm and Youtube does nothing about it.

@szbalint If you've the watch history enabled, going to and delete the crappy stuff you've erroneously watched might help a bit.

@szbalint Often it is hard to notice your bubble. I do not endorse the video in any way, but it is a unique way to experience how others see the world and learn how hate spreads. We have to know this to fight it. People are not born as haters...

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