"Average CO2 emissions from new cars and new vans in the EU *increased* in 2018"

Basically people are buying SUVs and minivans and that pushes up the avg for new cars.

This in the middle of climate protests.

Sure, industry and politicians have responsibility. But people do too, buying a fucking SUV these days is _immoral_. Most people don't need one.

@szbalint I moved to fairy rich neighborhood about 4 months ago. I expected to see a lot of EV (there are few chargers close by), but nope - all I see is a sea of SUVs. When you add Road Tax to all of that I don't now why people are so afraid of the EVs, especially that average drive is mum picking up kids from school and doing groceries

@szbalint the same goes to such simple thing as solar water heating. There are maybe ten houses with panels installed

@szbalint The number of people I know who "have" to get a Qashqai to fit 2 children in is... too high :/ And Edinburgh is chockful of Range Rovers, too. The upper emissions limit needs to come down lower and faster to make that kind of car illegal, IMO.

Thanks for the link, will have to dig into it more. Fascinating stuff, including how the testing process has changed.

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