I hope he is extradited to the US and prosecuted for his part in the 2016 russian election interference

@szbalint I don't really like talking about that cunt, but he's used the legal system as a weapon to harass people for so long there's a distinct poetic justice in seeing him experience the pointy end of it, no matter what the charge.


Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.

double plus good doublethink! Thought crime avoided!

#whistleblower #julianasange

@kodfodrasz he鈥檚 a whistleblower the same way those russians in salisbury just came to admire the famous cathedral.

You don鈥檛 get to be an active collaborator with the russian intelligence services and claim innoncence.

@szbalint The 2016 US elections didn't have the outcome you preferred. Because of the alleged russian interference and russian connection of Mr. Assange you are hoping he, a whistleblower will be extradicated.

This is analogous to the russian or hungarian breakdown of foreign funded NGOs allegedly interfering with the elections or internal affairs under the guise of human rights activism.

If you think the latter is not ok, then I think the extradiction of whistleblowers should also not be ok.


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