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"I Failed the Covington Catholic Test" by Julie Irwin Zimmerman

The Twitter outrage machine is like that XKCD comic of "I can't go to bed... someone's wrong on the internet," except instead it's "Let's spend all day whipping each other into a frenzy about how wrong this person is, and watch with mixed horror and glee as internet vigilantes dox them and send threats to their family."

I hope more people follow the author's lead and escape this trap.

Twitter, outrage 

@nolan I agree with avoiding the online impotent rage trap, but this article reads like a more eloquent version of “some very fine people on both sides” to me.

Instead of talking about this problem we need to take action, before it’s too late.


Twitter, outrage 

@jjg @nolan I wanted to make the exact same comment, twitter rage mobs are a thing but this thing went a lot wider than twitter with good reason and this whole article is doing some “both sides” reasoning, in which two sides only exist if you buy in to the racist logic of these hitler youth kids. A native american person isn’t a liberal and by definition the anti-thesis of an immigrant.

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