Remember that Chrome-logs-you-into-the-browser thing on a Google Service login thing?

With Chrome 70 Google removed the internal flag to disable that and implemented an opt-out button that _literally_ doesn’t work.

@szbalint guess it was a good move to switch to firefox

@szbalint nearly every day I read something that makes me happy that I've already started de-googling my life.

@szbalint oh. 😖 Found a (deployable) workaround?

@gra there is an enterprise policy fix afaik, but the only reasonable solution is to not use Chrome or Chromium.

@szbalint Increasingly I agree. in v69 policy I found forced it off rather than returned user choice. They're shooting themselves in the foot.

@szbalint Google stared into the abyss and found that the abyss also stared into it.

@szbalint switching to another browser is *the* solution ( I'll recomand firefox but it's biased :))

@mmu_man @szbalint a class action moight help but people don't get it and don't even notice

@szbalint Firefox isn't much better with the recent extension "Recommendations" that you can't turn off.

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