Covid vaccination 

My wife and me just registered for receiving the vaccination in Vienna.

No idea how long it will take, but this is a small and hopeful step in the right direction.

PSA: Decentralization is a technical choice to be evaluated in context for pros and cons, not an unquestionably good property in all cases.


Feelings (—) 

Fucking sea shanties the only good thing happening recently

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What are cold places on the planet that have relatively the most sunlight hours on avg compared to similarly cold places?

Feelings (—) 

After the past couple of months I just feel numb.

Stuck at home, mostly shitty weather and no sun.

Just numbness. I don’t even look forward to anything

There are advantages and disadvantages of composing a thread in my head for at least the past 6 months or so

Signal supports now up to 8 participants in a video call.

Good enough for me, when they solve the capacity problems due to the huge influx of people.

You ever wonder how Keanu Reeves never participated in a single sequel?

I just don’t get it. Constantine should have deserved one.

Next time, before you ask "wish we had lot less tourists for a year or two" from the genie, just fucking THINK

I'm going to watch Duck Tales now

When I watched Duck Tales as a kid, the hungarian prime minister died.

That makes me want to watch it a lot right now!!

Now if only I could teach her to swap cables instead of just playing with them.

[steps into the local tavern]

Ahoy there fellas


Without naming names, many virologists were guilty of this flawed thinking and this is why epidemiology / infectious diseases pubmed are their own separate fields.

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I dislike the excuse making for not doing something

Border screening for covid/more transmissive variants quickly went from:

“It doesn’t work”


“Too late now”

Missing the point entirely that it would have been about buying time until supression / vaccination can make a dent in the numbers a bit.

I was talking with my mom on Signal for over five years.

What's better, we also had hundreds of regular phone calls (outside signal) consisting of "Can you call me on signal? Thanks <click>"

uspol terminology guide 

It's not a coup unless it comes from beer halls in the Bavaria region of Germany, otherwise it's just fascist takeover.

uspol pronounciation guide 

It's pronounced coup with the Pence in it silent.

Welcome, Mr bond0, we'll soon find out if you're highly available!


Censorship is dead 

Mainstream internet access in the 1990s killed the usefulness of the word “censorship” in most contexts.

We need to use better terms to understand the information economy. Not who can say something, but where and how it can be amplified, who puts it in context/mediates it, who directs our attention to it.

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