Forget your sword, says M'aiq. Forget your spells. If you want success at adventuring, learn to use a bow and perfect the art of not being seen.

I'm working on site today for the first time in weeks and have discovered that nature is reclaiming our offices.


Does anyone still subscribe to the Humble Bundle monthly thing?

It's been quite trash in the last half year or so.

How come masks are a thing now when The Mask came out in 1994? 🤔 🤔 🤔 ???

They Were Preparing For This Back Then

M'aiq could not find the Tower of Lies. Molag Bal plays a joke, yes?

Deadlines attract literal headaches.


sithpost about scifi villains 

Free software is often a privilege

a non-shitpost about shitposts 

Little fluff ball needs your help!

This is Cassiopeia, former street cat, currently waiting in quarantine in Ukraine to be transported to me and my Mia Cat to Berlin, Germany. If you or anyone you know is traveling some time soon from Ukraine to Germany (Berlin/Brandenburg area) and would be willing to transport her, we would be forever grateful! She is ready to go, has all papers & vaccinations but travel right now is difficult.

(Posting this again with pic because you all love cat pics)

There is a thread I've been meaning to post for months now.

Perhaps this weekend.

fossbros ✋ documentation, commented code, any effort at all spent on making software usable

fossbros 👉 unsolicited condescending tech advice to strangers

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me: this software isn't that good

fossbros: i see you don't have a high enough iq to understand how to use this software. i will now explain to you what a computer is [1/98]

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fossbros: this software is free to use by anyone :)

me: so how do you use it

fossbros: got o hell

Share your surprised pikachu moments with me

For years people thought we’re living in the Matrix. Then I realized that I’m the matrix

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