People on forums and Tumblr shouting about toxic masculinity, homophobia, and racism got me to listen, examine my prejudices, and recognize privilege & oppression. There's a reason the far right came up with "Social Justice Warrior" as an insult. They know online activism works.

anyone else here have a AirPods Pro? is the Ear Tip Fit Test picking a snippet from a track in your library or does everyone get a snippet of a Tycho track?

Getting ready for writing.

I’m excited! Don’t get to write much these days

waiting for stadia to bomb so we can seal "cloud gaming" in the vaporware dimension for 10 more years

@yogthos this won’t happen again for decades, so the question we should be asking is

What have you accomplished since the last mercury transit?

Wow today was a rollercoaster of emotions.

I don’t know if it’s the full moon or just my mood but it went from serene to annoyed to depressed to dejected to exhausted to elated

‪A new beta of my Mastodon app is now available to test, and it's packed full of features. Due to some reshuffling, this beta has a new TestFlight build so you'll need to sign up again (ignore the app name).‬


‪Let me know what you think! 🥳⚡️‬

😔✋ posting a hot take and immediately logging off
😄👉 posting a hot take and immediately shutting down the instance

jesus christ this post just rung my doorbell and punched me in the face when i answered

@starwall “why use fediverse?”

“First month was free”

Can Okta hurry up and do a “email for the sole purpose of identity provider” thing finally?

I want to anchor my accounts to an email address with a competent security team that offers this as a paid service.

Protonmail/fastmail would be ok for actual email, but I’m not going to anchor all my accounts to them, they are not that secure.

the coup that took down was a cia operation

meta, humor 

It's simply not even being aware of 1001 non-problems that do not require attention.

Like disc access, since ssds became a thing we've been silently burning excessive disk I/O in a lot of cases, but noone even notices since things are still pretty fast enough.

With spinning disks you noticed because everything ground to a halt and you had audio feedback.

Galaxy brain evening tonight, but let me explain why "as computers get faster, software squanders all that speed. Boo software developers!"

It's actually a natural process, in that this happens a couple of steps before people think it happens.

Noone goes out to ignore performance/resource consumption. That's the natural, default state of things on a more fundamental level.

Optimizing is hard. It requires skills, vigilence and reasons to care.

Bloat comes from simply not having to optimize.

What the heck Spotify?

After years of awful Discovery playlists this week's great.

Over five songs that I've saved already.

Perhaps if your generation is shitty enough that your generation shitty enough becomes a meme then the problem is not with "causing offense".

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