I don’t know if everyone liked the Witcher, but I think Netflix should, ahem

🎶 toss a coin for the sequel 🎶

@wxcafe I have a lucky charm for this, to ensure that it always gives me the right result.

I call it my awk-ward

what signals healthy diversity to you? 

reframe climate change 

I was in Hauptbahnhof and an orchestra played belgian themes to celebrate it and they handed out waffles. It was nice

Fuck yeah trains!

Today the night train service started between Vienna and Brussels, and it will start between Vienna and Amsterdam from next year.

Convenient and great for the environment.

Less is more, however sometimes thinking more about it means: less is less.

Maybe it depends on context idk

I love having a large whiteboard at home

Rate limit.

10/10, I rate the limit

I’d rate limit any time again

Eiger mountain (rising almost 4000 m) north face as seen from Grindelwald, CH (elevation: little above 1000 m)

Just think of how much better the world would be if Intel wouldn’t have been an effective monopoly in server and desktop/laptop cpus for the past 30 years, while being absolutely shit at it for the past decade or more.

Imagine the increased prosperity that effective anti-trust would have provided. We rarely think about the cost of lax anti-trust enforcement, but it’s absolutely staggering.

They: Doctor Who-Who-Whoo!

Me: Wait, that’s not right!


Today I had to convince someone that using dns based hostnames for a given backend service is better than just using IPv4 private address space addresses.

In 2020.


We’ve been married for almost a year now and the marzipan figurines from our wedding are still going strong.

I never thought I’d be married one day or that being with someone would really feel this loving.

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