That thing. where the corporate “we care” COVID-19 ads feel dated.

The ACLU is like the last organization anyone needs to be donating to right now. If you still can’t fight the insatiable need to give lawyers money, at least give it to the NLG.

Cloudflare, current events 

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Cloudflare, current events 

Police unions in the US 

Interesting that the advent of ubiquitous phone video capabilities didn’t reveal a yeti, or bigfoot or UFOs and instead appears to show structural, widespread racism.

I guess it isn’t a solved problem after all?

Subtooting spaceflight 

Police in the US 

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Police in the US 

We should regulate the shit out of everything that is not replaceable / optional.

Friday evening party hard:

My wife and I are whistling because we realized we literally haven’t done that in years


You know those consent screens where sites ask if you accept/decline to consent to tracking?

Where if you accept you never get asked again, but if you decline, then every fscking time?

"There is no cost to nagging users to force what we want" - they think.

So from the second time I see a consent screen on a site where I'm logged in, I report it to customer support / as feedback - as a site bug.

You're encouraged to do the same.

American cooking really suffers from the lack of metric system.

Standardized quarter teaspoon of what? It’s just so much easier to use a kitchen weight and grams.

Recipes make much more sense with more practical units and that’s what the metric system is.

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