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It is what it is, but it's funny watching folks like/fave alleged leftists/progressives that talk a good game, but melt down when they are confronted with literally anything that doesn't agree with their performative version of progressiveness.

One of the reasons I don't have a ton of labels in my profile is because I want folks to talk and get to know me. Get a real feel for my slant rather than advertising it.

Not to say labels are bad... but anyone can rock a t-shirt, ya dig?

Tl;dr: people who believe in pgp as a useful security tool are the anti-vaxxers of infosec.

...diversity and acceptance while in reality being close-minded bigots, just doing this because they want validation from people they hang out with

- people claiming to care deeply about computer security but then proceeding to champion technologies that are patently unfit for purpose and is apparent to anyone capable of doing threat modeling (pgp, dnssec, blockchain belong here), all because they believe intentions, mythology, ethos and a dose of playing pretend counts as security.

In pretty much every area of life there are people playing pretend in each.

These are basically subcultures claiming to care about something but then being involved for completely unrelated reasons.

A few examples that I’ve run into:

-people playing communists in Hungary from comfortable upper-middle class existences, don’t actually giving a shit about inequality, just because they want to belong to an in-group and feel special

- people pretending to champion minority rights, ....1/2

democracy dies in darkness 

democracy dies in darkness 

hahAHAHAHA*collapses, wheezing*

a spokesman from the British Museum said, “This is the one thing we didn’t want to happen”


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Incomprehensible hungarian legalese on passanger train info displays? ✔️

Just hungary things...

About to enter the hungarian low radiowave emissions zone, where there is virtually no cell tower or other public broadcast infrastructure.

Also known as nearing Tatabánya.

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coffee snobs 🤝 body builders

“You *need* to buy a kitchen scale” registration 

Levity or lividity - both are a thing as far as dark humor is concerned, but still it is unadvisable to mix them up.

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