Reddit is close to nearing absolute uselessness.

This is what you get when you try to juice monthly engagement numbers with stupid machine learning tricks

coding in javascript feels like living in america. everything is broken or abandoned or melting or owned by like two companies and a bunch of barnacles and scammers


Anti-vaxxers should be charged with crimes against immunity

He performs the miracle of turning your money into brief joyrides out of our atmosphere

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@cypnk this is what we call "edging" in the business.

Do I have any active followers from If you are - please let me know!

I'm currently on-call, but there is a reason we don't depend on Akamai, Cloudflare or the big three cloud providers.

So I just watch the fireworks. And pour a glass for those having pagers go off right now due to Akamai.

Only good office mate. Most of the time. He’s sawing logs but I love him anyway.

Fun for network operators, looks like Akamai shit the bed

Volenfell is where the famous Dwarven hammer fell, yes? M'aiq wonders if "Where the Hammer Fell" is a better name.

Living in a small vilage is a prison 

What part of living in a village is like prison?

The mindset is in general way narrower. You’re socially considering your village of a few hundred/thousand people, not communities outside of it. What your immediate neighbors think, what people in the village think.

Most people do not consciously appreciate this, this is why it’s a socio-economic prison. The people living in such arrangements do not realize things could be different.

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Living in a small vilage is a prison 

My grandparents on my mum’s side passed away this past year, and I’ve been thinking quite a lot about them, and the lives they lead. The ways they shaped my mum and me.

A small village is a socio-economic prison. My grandparents didn’t escape it, but they gave my mum and me the chance to do so. Education, encouragement, opportunity. It was an intergenerational effort.

I am keenly aware of how lucky I’ve been with having opportunities, it’s not merit.

covid, vaccinating kids 

So in case of Austria I've crunched the numbers and this means more than doubling the 10k death count.

More than half of the covid deaths in Austria are still to come, because 43% of the pop does not have any vaccine, including 20% of the 65+ age group.

So assuming everyone getting infected who isn't vaccinated, and calculating with the CFRs per age group so far, this will be a difficult 2021.

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Kriszti: 2nd vaccine is like as if an alien would like to chest-burst from my arm

:LeVarDislike: Cancel The Olympics this summer

:LeVarLike: Cancel The Olympics

Meme poltics 

I think we need to agree collectively to consider soundbites and political memes impolite.

it’s a complete domination of style over substance, and we can’t debate anything meaningful this way, the tribal dadaism of what goes on on all major social networks is just awful.

Considering it good form to at least put together a couple of paragraphs worth of arguments for a position should be the minimum that we do.

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