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I have an important announcement regarding

I will be shutting down this instance by the end of this year. The following thread will share some context.

A succint explanation of what’s wrong with algorithmically generated social media

if someone migrates an account or imports a follow list from one mastodon instance to another, and there are follows from instances that the new instance blocks, the follow requests just fail, right? no weird glitchy shadow-follow that can't be gotten rid of or anything?

And at work my team is all about platforms and SRE.

Even though I am quite passionate about these topics, it’s the last thing I want to do in my private time - to maintain servers.

For these reasons I’ll be shutting down and myself be migrating to another instance.

I’m committed to ensuring that this transition is the smoothest possible for all of you on

I’ve known some of you for literally half.a decade. We’ll stay in touch - just on different strands of the fediverse.

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I’m busy with life: have a great job where I manage a group of amazing people. I have lots of things going on in my private life, mostly good.

This does not leave much space for maintaining a server or even logging in to the fediverse all that much.

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First of all: please do not mourn - be content for having been along for the journey.

The great thing about the fediverse is that you _can_ migrate, find a new home or even have several. Account migration is mostly seamless.

And let’s be honest: _should_ not exist in it’s current form - I have not been the most present instance admins.

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I have an important announcement regarding

I will be shutting down this instance by the end of this year. The following thread will share some context.

Finally bitcoin is crashing, below 19k now

I’m really sorry that I still see anyone defending Julian Assange in fucking 2022.

Apart from the sexual abuse (a big thing to gloss over), he was a willing agent of the worst countries on the planet. There is a lot of evidence he worked with Russia’s FSB in essentially destabilizing operations.

He belongs in jail.

Wood Elves aren't made of wood. Sea Elves aren't made of water. M'aiq still wonders about High Elves.

photographed this tree a lot with a lens not wide enough for it so I tried to put it back together from the photos.

#MastoArt #photography #trees

Good morning to everyone frantically pulling confluence from being exposed to the internet.

It is no fun to live in a house.

Is much better to wander the roads. See the world! M'aiq likes this life.

Twitter exit, mental health 

I’m exiting twitter, at least for this summer but probably long-term.

I’m in no danger of lack of awareness of issues in the world right now, and I prefer to focus on things I can affect, here in Austria.

I just wanted to share this as a cautionary tale: it’s ok to let go sources of anxiety - it doesn’t mean you don’t care: it means you do what you can in your locality without stressing yourself over things you can’t change.

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Twitter exit, mental health 

It’s been one crisis after the other since 2015: Brexit, the rise of american fascism, climate change doomerism, covid, ukraine.

Pretty much the only time Twitter was useful was with covid, where actionable information was hard to come by from anywhere else, but apart from this it’s been looking at various disasters from a distance. Who needs to hear even more about guns or abortion in the US? I get it, you’re struggling with a fascist takeover in your country.

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Twitter exit, mental health 

I had a mostly read-only twitter account for over a decade, and openly speaking it was a mistake to use it as a tool to keep up with current events.

I like to be informed, and it’s reassuring to be aware even if that mostly relates to problems. However, being aware should not mean deluged by issues that I can’t change or affect in any way - this was my mistake. Twitter is mostly the latter.

Every small, non-commercial project should have this tag on their issue tracker.

Keyboardio 100 just arrived.

/me makes typing noises

This is a really nice keyboard!

(and no learning curve as I already have the model 01s)

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