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Ah! I didn't know QR codes were a thing for Matrix. So basically it would operate like pretty much any other distributed messenger like Jami, Tox, or Session.

I guess so, but still. I prefer not depending on third-party sources for adding contacts. Y'know, keeping with the whole privacy thing. (Not to mention email servers are REALLY hard to set up. Not so with Matrix ;)

Yeah, but won't that make for some pretty funky Matrix IDs?



To be fair, though, XMPP isn't quite as comprehensive of a protocol as Matrix is, so Google using it probably wouldn't be such a bad thing... That might get it quite a bit more publicity, and provide a high load public home server.

Ubuntu 20.04 Hype! Not that I intend to stay on it long, as I'll be switching to Fedora once 32 comes out.

@matrix Great news about the new CLI client! All the other ones always seem to be either dead, or ridiculously hard to build...

@PINE64 Thanks for the info! I'm glad the first and only Pine subreddit I found is the official one!

@purism Preachin' to the choir there, @purism ... You posted this on Mastodon.

Thanks for the clarification. I just read that article, and thought that was a bit much. I'm super pumped for the work you guys do. Thank you!

@matrix interesting... I wonder if it will be related to mastodon in any way. Twitter federating with the fediverse would be WAY past cool.

@purism Fedora 30 with GNOME. No other desktop is fluid enough for me...

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