@LinuxLounge I'd suggest trying to compile MultiMC or PolyMC. They should be able to login to MSA no problem since they only use a browser for it. They don't have ARM builds, but I've successfully compiled them before, so they ought to work on ARM too

@matrix you guys are incredible. Matrix is awesome as it is, but you always just *have* to take it to the next level.

@aluaces @LinuxLounge if you live in a place where it's available.... 😥

@matrix awesome! Glad to see Matrix finally getting native group calls. Any clue how the UI for the eventual integration into Element proper will look? Still hoping for a Discord-style thing where people can join and leave without "starting" a call.

@LinuxLounge ah whatever. I happen to be conservative but I still think freedom phone is junk. Tbh I haven't watched the video tho. I should probably do that lol

@LinuxLounge how is it anti-conservative? It's only anti-scam! Lol

@LinuxLounge yeah, just wish app developers would quit abandoning their UT apps. Looking at you, FluffyChat.

@LinuxLounge ah! Didn't realize that. I haven't really used it, I just sort of assumed they didn't moderate and that's all you meant.

@LinuxLounge the way I see it, on a truly free and decentralized platform, there's gonna be hate and gross stuff. If I were you, I'd just ignore it, and hope people find *your* stuff instead of the other stuff. There's a lot of weird stuff out there on YouTube too...

@LinuxLounge after my new laptop comes, I'm 100% installing it on my old one. I'd really love to see how much I can do with it.

@matrix not seeing an update to fluffy chat on the open store. Will this be coming to Ubuntu Touch?

@matrix wow! So many that I hadn't even heard of. Just think: a modern-day Google Talk based on Matrix???

@LinuxLounge don't feel bad. Happened to my Kindle Fire HD in a school locker, too.

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To everyone, a word of advice.
Like don't.
Please don't. Its a huge possible scam because the coin is unevenly divided and you are losing. Like the owners and investors have big bucks and you will get peanuts. This is also not open source cause there is n open source code. This is a lie and they are very misleading so don't buy their bitclout.
#cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencies #crypto #scams #scam #foss

@Coneng @linmob sailfish is not fully open source. While that's not a problem for a lot of people, there are many in the Linux community that are fully committed to Open Source, and want to have a platform that isn't cumbered by any proprietary licenses. That said though, I believe there are rumors of an official Sailfish port for the PinePhone...

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