@matrix not seeing an update to fluffy chat on the open store. Will this be coming to Ubuntu Touch?

@matrix wow! So many that I hadn't even heard of. Just think: a modern-day Google Talk based on Matrix???

@LinuxLounge don't feel bad. Happened to my Kindle Fire HD in a school locker, too.

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To everyone, a word of advice.
Like don't.
Please don't. Its a huge possible scam because the coin is unevenly divided and you are losing. Like the owners and investors have big bucks and you will get peanuts. This is also not open source cause there is n open source code. This is a lie and they are very misleading so don't buy their bitclout.
#cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencies #crypto #scams #scam #foss

@Coneng @linmob sailfish is not fully open source. While that's not a problem for a lot of people, there are many in the Linux community that are fully committed to Open Source, and want to have a platform that isn't cumbered by any proprietary licenses. That said though, I believe there are rumors of an official Sailfish port for the PinePhone...

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@ConnyDuck if google doesn't like it, then that's good news to me!

@jauntywunderkind420 @matrix
And look where that got it: "extended" so much by the popular platforms that built on it that they aren't interoperable anymore. IDK about you, but I think the Matrix team is doing a bang-up job.

@PINE64 This is AMAZING news. I've always cringed a bit whenever I see your notices about the prices sometimes coming in at a loss for you guys, and I'd be happy to pay a bit more if it means helping out the amazing people responsible for these devices!

@purism I've often noticed how strange of a place the internet really is. Even while today's tech giants lock everything down, you can still see the open protocols behind everything if you look hard enough.

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I guess that would kind of be like living in a prebuilt castle made by the builders of the bigger castle, and some independent builders.It's definitely your castle, but there are some odd quirks because some of the building designs really only make sense in the larger scale of the big Google castle.

@purism Another great article! You guys really have your analogies nailed for explaining security and privacy to anyone (not just techies).

@purism As a recent high school graduate who was forced to use a Chromebook for school, this is somewhat chilling. Fortunately, another alternative to sending my data to a personal Google account, was to use Google's "Takeout" feature, which let me download all of my personal data in a zip or tar file.

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Both articles are VERY interesting. I knew that tracking was big, and happens a lot, but I had no idea of the scale. This is one of the MANY reasons why I want to ditch android as soon as possible.

I'm not getting one though, can I plz see box design? ... No? Guess I'll wait until you boost someone's post who got. a pinephone...

You mentioned in the most recent Q&A blogpost that you'll consider supporting snaps or flatpaks in the future. I (and probably a lot of others) sincerely hope you'll take the flatpak route, as it is much easier to host your own repository, and they are "more" (if that's a thing) open source. I know you're probably not thinking about things like that too seriously yet, but please keep that in mind.

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