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We *used* to have that with XMPP (google, facebook) before they decided to wall off their users. Would love to see this return with Matrix. twitter.com/matrixdotorg/statu

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@matrix the thing i don't like about Matrix is that it's positioned as a monolithic, centrally controlled protocol. XMPP wasn't just federated & interoperable at the protocol level; it's governance & ability to innovate was decentralized too. #xmpp was a base everyone could keep building forward with.


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And look where that got it: "extended" so much by the popular platforms that built on it that they aren't interoperable anymore. IDK about you, but I think the Matrix team is doing a bang-up job.

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@spyjoshx @matrix giant megacorps wanting to build something proprietary and non-inter-operable ought be no surprise but I'm not going to ding xmpp for that. I agree matrix team is doing a bang up job. I still maintain my reservations though.

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