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To everyone, a word of advice.
Like don't.
Please don't. Its a huge possible scam because the coin is unevenly divided and you are losing. Like the owners and investors have big bucks and you will get peanuts. This is also not open source cause there is n open source code. This is a lie and they are very misleading so don't buy their bitclout.
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You mentioned in the most recent Q&A blogpost that you'll consider supporting snaps or flatpaks in the future. I (and probably a lot of others) sincerely hope you'll take the flatpak route, as it is much easier to host your own repository, and they are "more" (if that's a thing) open source. I know you're probably not thinking about things like that too seriously yet, but please keep that in mind.

Ubuntu 20.04 Hype! Not that I intend to stay on it long, as I'll be switching to Fedora once 32 comes out.


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