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FUCK ICE, fuck the GOP:

TLDR: If your university is shifting to an entirely online semester due to the /global pandemic/, you need to transfer to a university with in-person instruction or they'll revoke your VISA.

This person on GitHub had tensorflow/tensorflow pinned to their profile. Turns out their only contribution to TF was a commit from 2017 that fixed a typo in a comment.

Not salty, but it's sorta funny (and arguably misleading).

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if every file within the ".md" TLD isn't a markdown file, we lost a great opportunity

@phel Yep! I checked it out after people shared it and it's great!

@johnfreeman Yeah, very recently. It's just what I was looking for!

@Dee I don't know jack about Dr. Who, but that's clever as hell

@craigmaloney Opening a ticket on their "Librarians group"

@craigmaloney Doing that requires a privileged account, apparently

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Instead of uploading all our information to silos like Facebook or Twitter, we should be able to host our own basic (meta)data like avatar, status updates or social connections in a standardized format.

You would then be able to grant services like Facebook or Twitter access to that data via a token, and you could control which service gets access to what kind of data.

Yes, I'm still dreaming of a semantic web.

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"This app does not work without enabled" is the new "Best viewed in Netscape Navigator"

The internet is just one big Eternal September :troll:

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