Github is sinking. What now? Some quick suggestions on my blog.

Move. No reason to stay.


@yarmo Honestly, the only reason I still have stuff on GH is because of the sheer size of the "community". GH is, for better or worse, more than just code hosting. I despise GH as much as the next person---my private repos are on a self-hosted gitea instance. But hosting my silly side projects on GH gets them more visibility than they'd get otherwise.

I'd love to ditch GH for good, but this is still holding me back. Ideas?

@shreyas using other means like blog posts and social media to promote your repos.

Honestly, do you really discover repos by sheer "community effect"? Searching doesn't count, you could search on other sites as well.

I'm nitpicking of course. GH has its advantage there. But I can't repeat this enough: we the developers give GH this advantage. If enough of us actually act on what we believe, GH's days could be numbered.

Social network is the worst and most efficient form of lock-in

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