Are there any repo hosting solutions that don't require an account to contribute?

I'm envisioning something that lets contributors email `git format-patch` patches to via `git send-email`. The service makes this "pull request" show up in the web interface. If @/john approves, the patch will be applied with `git am` or `git apply`.

Basically something that builds on git's collaboration tools rather than reinventing them.

Moving away from GH to gitea/gitlab/etc instances is great, but I don't want to create an account with every instance that has a repo I want to contribute to.

E-mail is the OG platform

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@johnfreeman Yeah, very recently. It's just what I was looking for!

@phel Yep! I checked it out after people shared it and it's great!

@shreyas I remember seeing something related to git send-email on sourcehut but I’m not sure it’s what you really want here.

Drew is open to contributions and if it’s not already supported this may be a very good feature to have.

@0xf0 Oh wow, Source Hut /does/ have what I'm looking for ---

Thanks for sharing!

@cadence yep :D Another reply also introduced me to sourcehut. Would love to see it get more adoption and attention.

@shreyas is what you are looking for. Accounts only needed for those who are hosting repositories, and noone else.

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