en_CA and en_DK seem to be the only English locales that format dates as `%Y-%m-%d` (e.g. 2021-04-23). I'm setting my LC_TIME to one of the two.

Source: lh.2xlibre.net/values/d_fmt

As a en_IN locale user, I love `3;2` digit grouping (e.g. 5,87,45,345), but "2,34,567 bytes" is just awful.

Just noticed that GitLab now breaks when you try using it with a VPN, even when you're signed in. Moreover, there's no "please disable your vpn"—nothing. Its XHR requests just silently 403. Wtf?

Happy World Backup Day, everyone!

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@aral No need: general purpose computers will be the domain of nerrrrrds, consumption devices like phones and tablets will be hard to root and when you do all the apps that you need to live your life (banking, e-voting, medical appointments) will stop working.

You can always buy an open source tablet or phone... if you don't need to participate in anything 😠

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Websites that are utterly broken because their owners intentionally placed behind #cloudflare are annoying. Search-engines and the likes should have a button to filter cloudflare-broken sites so they don't show up and waste our precious time.

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such a nerd 

That moment when you bring up your PmWiki document with the Satisfactory game notes, remember you wanted to beautify PmWiki a bit, and lose more than an hour to adding a new cookbook (CodeMirror) to your PmWiki install and learning some new editing tricks and enabling a feature in the ToC function instead of, um, actually working on the Satisfactory game as intended.

I really appreciate the syntax highlighting in the Deno REPL

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docker: because it was kind of embarrassing to type `curl foo | sudo bash` directly

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If your software documentation mentions the word “kilobyte” then it really also should mention which kind of kilobyte in some obvious place, please.

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#LibrePlanet 2021 is almost done for the day – but don’t miss the Free Software Awards presentation at 18:05 in the Jupiter room! libreplanet.org/2021/

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Using a lot of type hinting in this Python code and every once in a while I'm just like "who am i doing this for the language doesn't care"

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The UK is secretly testing a controversial web snooping tool.

Make no mistake, as warned, the Investigatory Powers Act (2016) gives authorities across the UK some of the most far-reaching and draconian surveillance powers found anywhere in the world....

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Some you might have wondered where I was going with my questions yesterday about the web browsers on e-readers.

I was trying to work out how many people either currently use them, or would be open to using them.

It's for this new side project: eink.link

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This is all while farmers continue to protest and some are disappeard. They're protestinh new laws that protect prices of their produce.

> [...]small farmers will face a “death warrant,” and India’s fertile lands will fall into the hands of a few large corporate players.

A toolkit Greta Thunberg mentioned is villified and painted as conspiracy. (invalidly, of course)

It is unlikely that the centralized-social-network -based megacorporations will do anything, since they regretted that in China

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📰 India Targets Climate Activists With the Help of Big Tech | Naomi Klein
> [...] human rights advocates are warning that India is on the knife edge of terrible violence, perhaps even the kind of genocidal bloodshed that social media aided and abetted against the Rohingya in Myanmar.

Twitter shut down dissident accounts but left this up:

> “Whoever has seeds of anti-nationalism in their mind has to be destroyed from the roots, be it #Disha_Ravi or anyone else.

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