Going to stuff a mouse in a rat as a kind of turducken for Snakesgiving this year.

uspol scotus 

Pundits are writing a bunch of think pieces about how the supreme court is "no longer legitimate", but when was the last time congress was legitimate?

a lot of people object to circuses because they cage up elephants and lions. i agree with these people. it's terrible

but circuses also cage up clowns, which i believe is good for society

all i'm saying is, i don't think the circus discourse is as nuanced as it should be

Wearing a pair of pants seems excessive. Do we all really need two of them? I shall henceforth be wearing only a single pant at a time.

Starting a slow run of Final Fantasy. The plan is to get to level 99 before fighting Garland.

Support artists who release their work for free or use DRM-free platforms like Bandcamp.

Do not support artists who lock their work behind DRMed platforms.

Vote with your wallet. Don't give people money who don't deserve it. Foster a culture of support and owning what you pay for.

Which word means "store away from open flame" and which means "must be stored with open flame"?

I just hope Melania gets better in time for the first lady debate.

My wife found this on our car. I guess Shiva was lurking around the gym parking lot.

Is POTUS dead yet? 

I was getting worried when he checked into the hospital that he might actually recover. But, I'm more hopeful now that he seems to have insisted on checking himself out against all medical advice.

Can't wait for this to turn into Weekend at Donnie's.

With his body failing, Trump will have his brain transplanted into Melania's body and continue his presidency through her. Basically, it will be like the last season of House of Cards.

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