Was wrong, the bearings are 22x7 mm with hole 8 mm in diameter.

If I get it right (my apologies if I do not) I have some stuff to say. I 3d-printed myself custom spinner, with ABEC-7 bearing in the center. The bearing shall be washed in alcohol, to wash away the grease. So, one can get standard bearing based (4 bearings or an bearing and 3 nuts) spinner and replace the central bearing with ABEC-7 or with ceramic one. All bearings in such toys are 608, 22x12x8 mm, if I'm not wrong.
Also, infinity cubes made from LEGO parts are good.

Thinking in naive way 

I was thinking, is it possible to renormalize (is it proper word?) the Bezier curve to hold constant motion velocity? It shall be impossible for singularities, but there might be a way to hold constant velocity in case of standard quadratic curves.


TIL that I was wrong. There is a way to calculate it!

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TIL that one can not properly calculate the Bézier curve length.
Switching to circle blending.


I have kinda best idea ever since my 14×4 keyboard.
Put Shift keys around the spacebar.
That'll work only on full keyboard, I'll be able to implement it in split 6×6 + 8×6.

Well. +==* on limited subset with required precision, yeah.


What is vector dot product unit value? My current model is that it is length squared AKA area.

Okay, that sounds pretty bad.
Two questions:
- Can you update your (I don't know proper word) research theme to match that abstract problem?
- What is the worst thing that will happen if you fail to get into that timeframe?

You seem to be frustraited, and I get it with my own experience.
But let me ask, what were you working on?

Today I got my third album from das_synthikat (BTW, they are also shared under CC license). My favorite so far is "sick is normal".
But! Phant says that there is new album approaching soon!

You can check the album here:


Oh. Forgot this:
- numbers

I used them too.

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There are
- complex numbers
- dual numbers
- split-complex numbers
- quaternions
- dual quaternions
- bicomplex numbers

But I used only complex and quaternions (and dual quaternions) in real life.

PCB, logo 

When I ordered PCBs for my keyboard I made silkscreen logo in bare lines, it was more interesting than loading premade svg.

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