PCB, logo 

When I ordered PCBs for my keyboard I made silkscreen logo in bare lines, it was more interesting than loading premade svg.

Kinematics, simulation, success 

Managed to implement Bézier blending for quaternions. Gonna give it to students during lessons.

Masks, fashion 

Why does nobody wear pins on their face mask? I either wear pins or another (hard) mask over the protection one.

Arduino + cardboard 

Small game I made using Uno and Nokia shield.

Kinematics, OpenSCAD 

Propteron prototype, failed one, need to fix singularity.

Kinematics, OpenSCAD. 

OpenSCAD is good for rapid kinematics modeling, but you have to implement quaternions by hand.

Bragging about illustrations 

This one was done in Onshape, exported into .stl, imported into Blender, rendered in grayscale, edited in GIMP. Used as cover for robotics handbook I wrote.

Bragging about old tech. 

Some time ago I was able into old Noritake display. Unfortunately it's logic is 5V only, so had to control via ATMega and could not use Raspberry.

Gonna brag about my keyboard. Developed it as a proMicro expansion, works on QMK.

The stuff I'm proud of: I was able to model the Stewart platform.

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For example, I was able to render linear path interpolation (with the spherical quaternion orientation interpolation) and solve the inverse kinematics problem, just to render robot motion along path. I used that illustrations in my robotics handbook.

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In my humble opinion, Asymptote ( asymptote.sourceforge.io ) is one of the best packages for procedural image generation, except for some hardcore stuff like rendering with the OpenGL by hand.

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