What is vector dot product unit value? My current model is that it is length squared AKA area.

Today I got my third album from das_synthikat (BTW, they are also shared under CC license). My favorite so far is "sick is normal".
But! Phant says that there is new album approaching soon!

You can check the album here:


Oh. Forgot this:
- numbers

I used them too.

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There are
- complex numbers
- dual numbers
- split-complex numbers
- quaternions
- dual quaternions
- bicomplex numbers

But I used only complex and quaternions (and dual quaternions) in real life.

PCB, logo 

When I ordered PCBs for my keyboard I made silkscreen logo in bare lines, it was more interesting than loading premade svg.

Kinematics, simulation, success 

Managed to implement Bézier blending for quaternions. Gonna give it to students during lessons.

Bad dreams. 

Had a dream today. Me and several other people were traveling between worlds. At the end I got stuck in mental hospital/facility/jail with non-human patients/personel. Everyone lived in single long-long corridor/halway on some piles/stacks of furniture. Was hired by administration to take part in windowsill repairs. Have seen that our floor is too high to escape, and nearest building is too far away to jump. Woke up while tearing down windowsill to replace it with new one.

Masks, fashion 

Why does nobody wear pins on their face mask? I either wear pins or another (hard) mask over the protection one.

Arduino + cardboard 

Small game I made using Uno and Nokia shield.

That concludes todays bragging about kinematics.

Kinematics, OpenSCAD 

Propteron prototype, failed one, need to fix singularity.

Kinematics, OpenSCAD. 

OpenSCAD is good for rapid kinematics modeling, but you have to implement quaternions by hand.

Bragging about illustrations 

This one was done in Onshape, exported into .stl, imported into Blender, rendered in grayscale, edited in GIMP. Used as cover for robotics handbook I wrote.

Bragging about old tech. 

Some time ago I was able into old Noritake display. Unfortunately it's logic is 5V only, so had to control via ATMega and could not use Raspberry.

It's wider than Planck, so I don't have to raise to type special characters on the right side.

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Gonna brag about my keyboard. Developed it as a proMicro expansion, works on QMK.

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