logo design 

So, I designed a new logo for the @das_synthikat music group. Go check them out, they are pretty cool!

Source files, colored version and animated SVG images are available on GitHub under the MIT license: github.com/red-hara/das_synthikat-logo


The new has my game preinstalled! I'm flattered!


Got new sketchbook. Gotta use red pen with it.

Yesterday I had negative duration of transient process.
Today the duration was complex.


Rendered this stuff like 5(?) years ago. I don't even remember how to repeat it.


Best quality of render, prettier trajectory.

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I can into kinematics!
Solved spherical rotator today.


The late one
- woke in time
- went to work
- fixed several minor bugs
- designed the patient reference model for virtual space
- held a seminar
- talked about general robotics
- got some food with a pal
- our opinions differ quite well
- took a ride home
- had 1 hour 40 minutes long talk with a student
- went to bed
- was to tired to write this recollection

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