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Hey Linux-y folks, great news! coreutils 9 was just released and the changelog is definitely worth a careful read if you basically ever touch a command line: lists.gnu.org/archive/html/cor

@protodrew those are all doable and i have done them in fact, except for the wireless modules. i'm sure they work, i just haven't tested them. the matrix would be better for questions and help than here probably nixos.org/community/

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"(...) many nuclear advocatesviiargue that renewable electricityhas far too big a land “footprint” to be environmentally acceptable, while nuclear power is preferable because it uses orders of magnitude less land. If we assume that land-use isan important metric, a closer look reveals the opposite is true (...)"

So nukeboy propaganda doesn't hold up to actual scientific scrutiny? How surprising...


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did not expect to see a snippet from Plato's Symposium in the new Lil Nas X video, but of course it's Aristophanes' speech (ἐπειδὴ οὖν ἡ φύσις δίχα ἐτμήθη, ποθοῦν ἕκαστον τὸ ἥμισυ…, "since their natural form had been cut in two, each longed for its own other half…" Sym 191a perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?)


@uint8_t however, there are harms associated with both consumption of trace pesticides on foods, and pesticide contamination into the growing environment. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/

@alrs @montagsoup I think considering his last resignation, following a strongly worded letter with a lot of important FSF/GNU signatories, only lasted 2 years, it's understandable that those who want him out have worded their letter strongly.

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*Harry Potter voice* I can't wait to graduate hogwarts so I can join wizard NATO and enforce the repayment of high interest loans foisted on developing countries by the wizard world bank

@softether@notbird.site I'm really confused as to why you are so mad at this person.

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Hey does anyone have something uplifting about the world?

@dragon I find looking at the sky and stars very uplifting. Thinking about how their beauty endures the time scale and chaos of my own life and our planet is strangely comforting.

@June I found 'Fear and Trembling' (Søren Kierkegaard) very helpful when I was struggling to live. Abraham's irrational and resolute faith inspired me greatly.

@nicd ahh, that makes sense now. Thanks for teaching me!

@nicd is that because in the past and future a given regional time may have a different offset from utc? Like because of daylight savings?

@starwall the book 'A Paradise Built in Hell' is an interesting study of what actually happens during disasters

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H'okay, Sundogistani Public Radio is back online and streaming at radio.reclaim.technology/strea for all your listening needs (assuming your listening needs happen to correlate to what I feel like listening to at that moment)

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