We made it through an entire conversation without the awkward chuckling. Win! Things are back to normal!

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Every time I get asked "are you enjoying X" (where X is the current app or website I'm using) the answer will always be no. I want tools that don't care about "how I'm feeling" or whatever. Just do your job and let me leave. The act of asking makes my answer "no", even if I actually was happy with it before asked.

Reading others' "shower thoughts" makes me realize that my shower thoughts are not like others' shower thoughts.

He's been spiraling for a couple weeks now, since his one and only staff member ended up on quarantine for a month during tax season. Even my Girl Friday, who used to work for him, says we need to cut ties now. The danger to our companies with his inability to think clearly has finally outweighed the danger of him trying to start shit with us with the government.

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We're finally cutting ties with our accountant. We'd gone over the current sale with him. Gave him all the information of how the sale was proceeding, went over it step-by-step to see about shaping it better for tax purposes. Then yesterday a question came up with regard to a large payment that came in post-agreement. Accountant went off the rails, accused us of not getting him all the information, etc., and said he was washing his hands of the deal.

I took a few minutes and actually painted my nails last night.

Today I've been very much regretting the decision to tell the yard manager about that dream because now we have these stupid awkward pauses in our convos where we kinda chuckle a little, and those weren't there before. Ugh.

(In case people were wondering about my "little finger" post... gud.one/anger - I mean, the other way works, too, but I don't have to wash my hands after this.)


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