What do pandas drink? 

The only thing scarier than finding extraterrestrial alien life on another planet would be to find other humans on another planet.

Even printers are trying to get your data. @robjheaton takes a deep dive on an HP printer.

“Is it OK if we have your printer collect metadata about your devices and what you print, and then use it online advertising?” robertheaton.com/2019/09/15/hp

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In near future, the phrase "l am not a " on would be considered as discrimination. :bisexual_triangles:

Pi-hole 4.3.2 available, removes support for adblock style lists such as Easylist/Easyprivacy:


– Pi-hole will now ignore adblock style lists.
– "Some XSS issues" were fixed.

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Stuck in #2008? If you are still running either of these, don't panic! has put options in place to give you the time you need, and use Agility to assist you with a smooth transition. t.co/gl1vfG080i

Listen to @megangrA , our General Counsel, and other experts discuss the effect of privacy legislation at OTI's #PayingforPrivacy event, starting at 3pm ET. twitter.com/oti/status/1151106

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I’m not sure why people think otherwise, but mastodon.social takes a hardline stance against rightwing rhetoric, users, and instances. Anyone claiming the contrary is either lying or uniformed.

Some people may think they won an argument, never to know their adversary died before having a chance to respond.

"Privacy harms don’t just hurt us individually. They impact society, economy & policy, in subtle & not-so-subtle ways," like "algorithms turning personal data into risk scores & ads, often w/out consent, perpetuating discrimination," says @pasternack. fastcompany.com/90318234/priva

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suck because they can't save your phone from hitting the ground.

An E-mail confirming you've to an E-mail list is a lot like a stalker showing up to promise they'll leave you alone.

There are two kinds of server admins:

Ones who exist in a perfect white void, minimalist, soft colours, calm, no downtime.

Wretched goblins from the hell pit who cobble together technology to make it work.

Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s web browser has become spy software

Our latest privacy experiment found Chrome ushered more than 11,000 tracker cookies into our browser — in a single week. Here’s why Firefox is better.


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