When I first read SNUFF, I didn't have the activism language. I've met garbage ppl hiding their trash selves behind this language (internalised misogyny, gaslighting, toxic masculinity). But the ideas these words represent are useful. Sex is a conversation. So is book-reading.

Twitter: I can't believe our political system is so broken!

Mastodon, smoking a cigarette: Welcome to the fuckin' show

developing a copyleft-licenced ipa brewing recipe to force everyone to come up with a better analogy than "free as in beer"

:oh_no: communicating a complex idea or fact by requiring the recipient to win a long rapid-fire series of quick-time events

:blobcoffee: communicating a complex idea or fact by laying it out on a grid and awaiting their input

@thegibson Herbert Simon, AI pioneer, Nobel Laureate (economics), and psychologist, often has interesting and insightful observations on human nature.

In discussing databases and privacy in 1977, he managed to get his Nazi Holocaust history completely wrong. The Germans DID have "mechanical data processing". Provided, profiting, and supported throughout the war, and the Holocaust, by IBM.




You can be funded by Google or Facebook or some other surveillance capitalist, or you can advocate for human rights and democracy. Pick one.

#CloudFlare is now hitting the archive.org wayback machine with the same #CAPTCHA as #Tor users, thus censoring history too.

Programming like it's 1979: just wrote 16-bit real mode x86 machine code by hand-assembling the opcodes.

Do you ever wonder if the "performance issues" your server is having, might actually be performance anxiety?

Have you tried being nice to your hardware?

It seems like the Spanish translation of the "toot" button was vandalized, it will be reverted today

What do pandas drink? 

The only thing scarier than finding extraterrestrial alien life on another planet would be to find other humans on another planet.

Even printers are trying to get your data. @robjheaton takes a deep dive on an HP printer.

“Is it OK if we have your printer collect metadata about your devices and what you print, and then use it online advertising?” robertheaton.com/2019/09/15/hp

Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

In near future, the phrase "l am not a " on would be considered as discrimination. :bisexual_triangles:

Pi-hole 4.3.2 available, removes support for adblock style lists such as Easylist/Easyprivacy:


– Pi-hole will now ignore adblock style lists.
– "Some XSS issues" were fixed.

#pihole #adblocking #ads #privacy #security #infosec #raspberry #pi #cybersecurity

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