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Wow. Review of "Open Circuits" by Andrew 'Bunnie' Huang.

"Their masterfully executed cross-sectioning process and meticulous photography blur the line between engineering and art, reminding us that any engineering task executed with soul and care results in something that can inspire feelings of awe (“wow!”) and reflection (“huh.”): that is art."

#Technology #Electronics #Engineering #Components #Books #Reviews

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EuroForth 2022

Online, 16.-18. September 2022

The 38th EuroForth conference takes place in the Internet.

The conference will be preceded by the Forth standards meeting which starts on September, 14th.

Both, meeting and conference will be hosted online.

EuroForth online participation is free of charge (donations welcome), registration required

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* ads are waste of energy

* companies factor ad spendings into their prices, we literally pay for this shit

* public ads are ugly and distracting, and they consume public space which otherwise can be dedicated to art or communication

* ads fund bullshit, they're literally socialism for capitalists

* ads misinform consumers and propagate consumerism

* ads fund bigots

* ads are ugly annoying and unnecessary, and serve no purpose that is good for society

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the only issue i have with little VMs is that by necessity they waste about 80% of the CPU power they consume (on modern PCs with speculative execution). not their fault - there's just no way around that.

on slower, in-order machines with no branch prediction, the still lose about 80% of their cycles, but mostly to pipeline stalls (which don't consume a whole lot of power)

and put bluntly, power consumption is the only damn metric that means anything any more. lower is always better. (which is why this trend towards web apps is so fucking offensive to me, and frankly to the planet - instead of a little app with a local database sipping at its host's resources, we now have the power consumption of the browser on the local machine, the server farm on the other end, and all the networking equipment in between. set against that shitshow, a little VM wins without even trying.)

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This just showed up at my door. Looking forward to digging into the RISC-V sections.

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Ended up springing for the most up to date version of this book because… RISC-V. Lots and lots to study in here. #fpga #riscv

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"Cruise had a colorful career that included time spent studying the French horn, performing off-Broadway, filling in for the B-52’s singer Cindy Wilson, and recording an album with DJ Dmitry of the dance music group Deee-lite. But she was undoubtedly best known for her collaborations with composer Angelo Badalamenti and director David Lynch, including songs for Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet."

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OMG that homepage. Those are all the DIFFERENT times they've run that story.

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@mntmn The ortholinear or vertically staggered keyboard for MNT Reform laptop, please.

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@mntmn RISC-V CPU module for the Reform. That would be awesome to see.
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US Pol, women's health, period trackers

Be wary of data collection in apps related to women's health, especially period trackers. They're actively being sought-after by data brokers selling to anti-abortion groups and law enforcement.

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Whoa, I love this! Would be really great if this caught on. Comic making framework that scrolls with the playdates crank.

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If an angel statue is removed from a fountain, does that make it a sans seraph font?

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8 Steps to Rewild America

1. Shrink your lawn.
2. Remove invasive plants.
3. Create no-mow zones.
4. Equip outdoor lights with motion sensors.
5. Plant keystone species.
6. Welcome pollinators.
7. Fight mosquitoes with bacteria.
8. Avoid harsh chemicals.

On my morning walk today I reached a LAMP count of 65 (Lizards Aware of My Presence)

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"Scientists have found and filmed one of the greatest ever undiscovered shipwrecks 107 years after it sank.

The Endurance, the lost vessel of Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, was found at the weekend at the bottom of the Weddell Sea."

#Endurance #Ships #Shipwrecks #Antarctica #Shackleton #Exploration

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