@e_mydata hey guys! I'm a big fan but I'm not from europe, so I'm thinking of getting a phone that you guys support. I just wanted to ask what phone you guys would most recommend out of your device list? Thank you!

What's something interesting going on in Mastodon right now?

You really gotta appreciate those that put time and effort to be there for you, and make sure that you do the same for them.

Twitter people are one of the dumbest people.

The "heart" is the substance of a man's thoughts, words, and actions, and he is worth what his heart is worth.

I'm completely fine with Chihuahuas going extinct. Worst dog breed ever!

You know those orb thingees in pictures of dark places like in cemeteries? Yeah those aren't ghosts.

I have very little patience for those with poor comprehension.

Trying to minimize my digital footprint as much as possible.

Finally made the jump from Windows to Linux.

I'll never buy an OS again!

In what way/s is Mastodon better than Twitter aside from privacy?

New to Mastodon. So... what do we have here?


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