Why I love #Rust:

Every day at work, using #CSharp or #JavaScript, I constantly see potential #NullPointer exceptions littered throughout the code.

The lack of nulls and overall defensive mindset that #Rust enforces leaves your mind free to focus on higher-level solutions.

I don't merely "launder" money.

I also use fabric softener.

so Im going to @bsdcan 2020 :) ...
and Ill be giving a tutorial on OpenBSD Networking
and giving a talk about how we use OpenBSD +OpenBGPD in our ISP ... :)

Anybody looking for a remote sysadmin job? #FreeBSD shop, but if you have Linux/Unix experience and are BSD-curious, that should work as well. German is a plus, so is being in or near CET.
If you're interested, DM me.

#runbsd #bsdjobs

Hohoho. Time to unsubscribe from the last FreeBSD mailing list after this: lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/fr

Even Windows has a firewall enabled by default these days. It's not even funny anymore.

Today in #infosec is our first buffer overflow exploit class. I really like this class, watching the newcomers actually exploit the machine to do something unintended and watching them light up in excitement

They have 2 flags to get: one by overwriting %rip to point to another function to jump to it on return, and the other by overwriting a variable value on the stack to trigger alternate code flow paths.

Yes all the mitigations are off. But it's their first exploit.

#professor #professorlife

Fun fact. SNMP MIB database shipped with OpenBSD contains private enterprise numbers for all companies I've ever worked for.

Courtesy of @reyk of course!

#2267 "Blockchain" 

Call for Testing

I don't have a "modern" cpu that supports "execute only", and was hoping a brave soul out there could run a test for me.

On #OpenBSD current apply the patch at [1] and run the #solo5 tests using the branch at [2] and let me know the results.

[1] marc.info/?l=openbsd-tech&m=15
[2] github.com/adamsteen/solo5/tre

#mirageos #testing #unikernels

Me today:

"I have high standards for weird and awkward. You don't qualify."

> It's quite likely that this could be fixed differently?

A sad day in 2020: attempting to write new fast multi-threaded programs in C ;-)

My friend Nat told me about a very enjoyable tv series that I never knew existed “Black books”: dry humor, play with words and lovely characters. There is 3 seasons of it, feels like stumbling upon a treasure trove :-) youtu.be/-X5oCV7hWgs

It's been 2 months since I ordered my #OpenBSD T-shirt on #Teespring and

1. Never received any updates.
2. Support didn't bother reply to emails.

And seeing reviews of the platform, it seems I'm not alone.

I'm in awe in how terrible customer service is despite they're being used as the go-to merchandizing platform of a lot of creators.

I probably won't use this platform again and just suck up the money I paid to this scam.

A shame considering my favorite creators only use this platform.

"* Check to see if IPv6 is broken, as is common on Linux."

(Also, don't shoot the messenger, blame ISC.)

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