Me: *going to bed*
Brain: hey, here's an idea...

Me: shut up, I'm trying to sleep
Brain: but...

Me: I'm super tired, can we think about this tomorrow?
Brain: anyway, as I was saying...

Me: wait. fuck, that's actually a brilliant idea!

Brain *chuckles*
Body: *sighs*

GitHub Pages "blocks" Google's FLoC now by adding the opt-out header.

I don't think this is any reason to celebrate. #Google pulled two tricks here:

1. It identified all websites that are against this standard, making it easy to rank them worse.
2. Provided a technical solution to a social problem making all the tech elitist feel good by adding a header instead of protesting.

All in all, I feel this header legitimises the standard more and more "because you can opt-out". #FLoC #privacy

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I wonder how federated the internet would be today if we were still stuck on slow ass lines like dial-up

I just learned about the hard-coded filter in #Lemmy and I'm starting to question if I wanna support project with "hard-coded" filters and bs excuses for having and maintaining it.

This goes against the whole point of self-hosted freedom.. I strongly thinking about closing down for this..


phyrrus9, 1996-2021. Rest in Peace.

πŸš€ Lip Gloss, a CSS-like layout library for your #golang terminal apps πŸš€

Featuring the cutest project mascot πŸ₯°

In case you maintain a mail server or plan to do so in the future, PLEASE READ THIS.

There's an organization by the name of "UCEPROTECT", which blacklists ASNs willy-nilly. If you end up on their blacklist, DO NOT PAY THEM.

This organization is run by a single person. And they are running a money extortion scheme. Why am I saying this? Simple. They only way to get unblocked is to pay up. No other reputable DNS blocklist does this.

Furthermore, they engage in abusive behaviour, and the single person behind this organization is misogynistic (proof:

Loging into jira in my corp be like:
>Enter email on jira
>Get redirected to gsuite
>Enter email on gsuite
>Get redirected to okta
>Enter email/password on okta
>Enter 2FA on okta
>Get redirected to gsuite
>Enter verification code sent to email
>Get reditected to jira
>Enter 2FA
>Yay I can finally see jira stories! :awesome:

The average factorio player has better logistics planning than the vaccine rollout in the EU.

Update: Chicken is done baking :blobaww:
Lessons for the future:
* Add less seasoning :blobwoah:
* Cook for ~3 minutes less :blobowo:

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First time baking chicken, place your bets on how it's going to turn out.

How am I supposed to look up chicken recepies when half of my screen is filled with ads :blobangery:

@szbalint So, you've been running this instance for at least three years, I was wondering how much space is needed to store all the toots and media for this site. :blobthinking:

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