As far as I can tell after reading more into it, people not showing up in the hashtag search might be normal since it only shows users which this instance knows about (through follows etc). However, when viewing a specific profile or following someone else, I should see all their posts, right? This doesn't seem to be the case...

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Something seems to be weird with this instance - I just noticed that a lot of posts from other instances don't show up, and mine don't show in the feeds of these others. Compare to the same search in most other instances (e.g. - almost everything is missing here! I also can't see the toots on these users' profiles when viewed from here. @szbalint is this normal?

@timkrief Somehow your toots don't show up on my timeline (or in your profile)... Other profiles from your instance seem fine, though 🤔 do you know why that could be?

I keep being surprised at how easy is to compile. It's literally one scons command (preceded, if necessary, by one line of apt-gets), and that's it - you just compiled an entire game engine from source.

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I'm Karl, graphics programmer and free culture enthusiast. I work with a lot, so expect some posts about that - here's a project of mine which I hope to be able to continue working on soon:

Maybe also some plants and cooking/baking! (A sourdough is currently doing its thing next to me)

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