Sorry I've been so quiet. One of my meds has been increased and it'll make me feel drunk and sleepy all the time till my body gets used to it.

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[LIVE on #Twitch ]


We got partnered on #Twitch AND it's release day for #RimWorld !!!

12 hours of games and shenanigans and giveaways coming your way!!!!!!

This last week I've woken up every day thinking it's the wrong day of the week. Yesterday I thought it was Thursday. Today I thought it was Sunday. Confusion reigns. :blobthinking: 🙃

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This is a subtoot, because I can’t reply to the original toot without getting a headache, but it also works as a PSA:

Do not post blinking gifs without marking them as sensitive media and hiding them behind a suitable CW (e.g. “stroboscopic”, “blinking lights” or “seizure warning”).

Just one episode of The Venture Brothers had me laughing so much I had an asthma attack. Now I have to make sure I only see one episode a day. 😂 💊 :blobsad:

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chronic pain science (link) +thoughts 

only halfway through this article and really loving it:

it discusses the difficult concepts of sensitization to pain, and 'imagined'/'somatic' pain (without using those loaded terms), while trying very hard to make clear why the typical dismissal of chronic pain by calling it imagined is useless.

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I work at Panic. We are publishing our second game after Firewatch. It's called Untitled Goose Game, and it's made by House House. You get to play a horrible goose!

Some people sing in the shower. My husband laughs at himself. :blobpeek: 😆

Today I bought a used book because the previous owner wrote inside the cover, "This book makes me lose my faith in humanity." 😆

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