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A spaceship landed in the park. An alien emerged, carrying a foldable chair. They set the chair up on the grass, and settled down.
"Ah, hello," a dog-walker said. "Shall I take you to our leader?"
"Why would I want that?" the alien said. "I came here to get away from mine.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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someone should tell the maintainer of youtube-dl to move their code to ForgeFed and get off of that Microsoft owned garbage service.

I'm strongly considering starting to stream some music on Twitch, but I want to do it the right away. If any of you know of any (Creative Commons songs) that you think would sound good with just a guitar and singing (assuming I can get my singing voice up to par), ESPECIALLY if the lyrics have a positive theme (I want to be positive),let me know, so I can learn those and add them to my set list. Please feel free to boost. Thanks!!

I have to say.. Getting into Twitch and other mediums where their fanbase uses Discord servers... I'm quickly becomming to appreciate ActivityPub even more. Jumping from server to server and channel to channel to review everything is no where near as nice as subscribing my one account to numerous servers of different types and everything coming to me in one feed. Bravo, ActivityPub developers!!

Although I haven't made us much progress as I was hoping for this week, I feel like taking the week off of work and working on the go-fed project has been very fruitful and productive. The core DB functionality (creating, updating & deleting an object) is completed, and it dawned on me this morning how to handle inboxes, follows and likes. I'm going to start looking at S2S functions today to try and form the rest of the game plan before continuing coding.

This morning, I feel it's time to start searching for a new group of people to do games with. The group I've been trying to get running seems even less interested with it than they were when we started, and I'd like to get into some games!! If anyone knows of a group playing online that needs more players, let me know or let them know of me. I got books for D&D 3/3.5 & PH for 5e, ShadowRun 5e, SWADE, and a lot of downloads for other systems (including Fate Core, FUDGE, FFRPG 3rd). Thx

I didn't get as far as I had hoped today in terms of programming with go-fed (issues with Postgresql, mostly), but I did a bunch more refactoring to make the logic saner and more easy to expand the logic for additional actors once I get the first actor and S2S stuff figured out. Tomorrow, I hope to finish what I had hoped to finish today and hopefully start implementation of the S2S protocol. I'm so glad I have the week off of work, or I wouldn't have gotten anywhere near as much done.

Every time I go through the go-fed documentation, i glean a different piece of information I didn't catch the last five million times I read it. The TypeResolver is exactly what I was trying to implement myself, because I missed that it existed!! How on earth did I miss that?!?!

Continuing to work on a go-fed implementation. Today's goal is to complete the db implementation. My goal for this week off of work is to get an S2S connection between two computers and send a Person message back and forth. Once I have that all set up, I'll have the infrastructure in place to set up all of the other actor types I'll be implementing. Thanks, @cj , for the go-fed library.

Installed obs this morning. I haven't tried recording/streaming yet, but I think I understand how it works. Maybe I'll give streaming a try next week...

I fixed my bass this evening and figured out a bass part for a song I've been recording. I forgot what it feels like to have blisters on my fingers. Time to start building up new calluses...

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So, I've been going on Twitch a lot lately. Don't know why, exactly. I guess just looking for something different to have in the background while I work. I've been starting to find people writing songs while streaming and I'm thinking about doing the same. If I have people hopping on, it may encourage me to get more done/finish more songs. I know, Twitch isn't preferred considering Open Source and whatnot, but PeerTube isn't ready for live streaming yet...

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TubeLab is a free open source PeerTube app for Android. You can follow at:

➡️ @Tubelab

It has PeerTube's new Sepia Search integrated, which lets you search many instances at once.

It's by the makers of @fedilab , and is available from F-Droid and Google Play.

(There is also a special variant for French schools called TubeAcad, which is limited to a small number of instances.)

#TubeLab #PeerTube #Fediverse #ActivityPub #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Video #Streaming #FDroid

@Teatearpg Hey, there!! I didn't realize you shut down your plusorminus account. If you would have posted that you were switching, I would have followed this before!! Still catching up on plusorminus, but I have this podcast queued up in my podcast player now as well!! I'm enjoying what you're doing. Hope all is well with you!!

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I hate it when a sentence doesn't end the way you think it octopus.

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🎉 Check out BubbleTea, a powerful little #golang framework for fancy terminal UIs, that I have been working on with @meowgorithm and!

Obviously a framework without components would be like a Bubble Tea without Bubbles. Of course you got to have a bunch of Bubbles!

(Totally inspired by The Elm Architecture)

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"I can't," the poet said.
"I see," the muse replied.
"My words are empty, dead;
and quiet ere they died."

"Remember," said the muse,
"you don't create alone."
"I do! All aid refused!"
"Who's looked at what you've shown?"

"The readers! Muse, you're right!
They bring my words to life!
They fill the gaps and write
the... Muse, what rhymes with life?"

(This poet thanks you all
For reading stories small.)
#NationalPoetryDay (in the UK)

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