@Capheind I was wondering what happened to these. I haven't been on Mastodon much lately, so I missed the post originally, scrolled back to find these notifications. Makes sense. I got through all of the Tea Tea RPG episodes, but still have some more on Plus Or Minus to finish up, so glad I have a place to go finish it up. Thanks!

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Looks promising 🙂
Kapitonov Plugins:
- tubeAmp. Contains preamp, tonestack, power amp with voltage sag, cabinet emulators
- Bluedream. Booster/Tube Screamer pedal with equalizer
- Distruction. Distortion pedal with equalizer
- Fuzz. Vintage fuzz pedal
- Deadgate. Effective Noise Gate/Dead Zone effect plugin
- Octaver. Analog octaver pedal
- Single2Humbucker. Plugin for emulation humbucker pickup sound with single coil pickup

#linux #guitar #guitarfx #lv2 #ladspa #vst3

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A friendly reminder that today I'm doing a 3-hour music-making FOSS-loving Linux-using online live party!

It unusually starts at 7 PM CET (warmup will begin 6:30 PM CET). As last month I had to cancel the stream - this month I'm doing 3 hours instead of the usual 2 hours :)


#unfalive #unfa #musicproduction #Linux #SoundDesign #foss

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Just uploaded the #FOSS glitch sound effect sequencer #LV2 plugin B.Oops pre-release 0.4 to github.com/sjaehn/BOops

New: samples, factory presets. Play around!

#linuxaudio #audioproduction #libremusicproduction

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The #LibreMusicChallenge for December has been decided: make a lullaby for 2-month-old Louise! Any open-source DAW and synths allowed, but the catch is no effects. I'm in.
@unfa @rghvdberg @draco

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Oops, I did it again. The B.Oops FOSS glitch effect sequencer (pre)release 0.3 is out now. And an introduction / quick start tutorial video: youtu.be/bGUmZHWqdkE

#LV2 #musicproduction #linuxaudio

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📣 prism v0.1.0

An RTMP stream re-caster / splitter:

Handles incoming RTMP streams (like from OBS) and re-casts them to multiple services, like Owncast, Twitch, or YouTube.

Packages and binaries for pretty much all platforms, here: github.com/muesli/prism

@fribbledom @Capheind It's a cool looking. My only concern with this is that they're promoting "stream whatever you want without worry of copyright", but that's not true. If you stream copyrighted stuff and the record companies don't like it, they won't go after Twitch or Facebook, they'll go after the owner of the Ownsite directly. Unknowing common laypeople could get themselves in major legal/financial problems because Ownsite's site isn't up front about the risks.

@Capheind We actually did a small garden this past year. Really, mostly my daughter did a garden with the help of her grandparents, but she got tired of it after the first couple of weeks of going out and picking ripe fruits and veggies. Even if she decides she doesn't want to do it next year, I may continue it myself.

@cj That makes sense. If you'd be willing to consider that in the future, let me know, and I could look into submitting a patch for it. Otherwise, I'll just continue with the activity lib instead. Either way, I still want to say that you're doing great work with go-fed and would like to encourage you to keep it up. :)

@cj I more thought of an Artist as a Group instead of a Person, as bands have multiple people or it could be a solo artist (Group of 1), so I figured that would fit better. Individual users? I had a crazy idea of them using an account from another server (e.g. Mastodon, Pleroma, etc.) and I only point back to their server on query, so I wouldn't actually handle the users directly at all. I haven't seen anyone else do that yet, so not sure how crazy the idea is. Thoughts?

@cj Before opening a ticket, I figured I'd better ask you first. For apcore, the docs say that actors are automatically set up under /users/, but I was wanting to have it under different uris. Mine is music focused, so I wanted actors to be called "artists" instead of "users". For one project, I even thought of having different types of actors. Are you open to apcore having multiple actor types and different uris accordingly, or is that bigger than what you intended apcore to be for? Thanks

@Capheind Not itching, as I have never played it before, but it does sound interesting. I'm game if you find enough players.

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@cwebber Not only that, the hardware has improved immensely — and for the first time, FOSS systems and tools are keeping up the pace, or even leading up. It's really amazing what a $100 and $1000 can get you, how FOSS can take advantage of it, and how we're not that far off from maturity in all fields.
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@cj I get it. I'll let you know what I decide when I get a chance to review (may be a week or two).

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The go-fed/activity library (github.com/go-fed/activity), for #ActivityStreams and #ActivityPub in #golang , now has a v1.0.0 tagged release! Woo hoo!

The supporting website, go-fed.org/, is still a work in progress, though the tutorial should be mostly accurate.

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