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There's now an official unfa Rocket.Chat!


Huge thanks to @gcrkrause who has dedicated his time to sit down with me and make it work! I'm not a sysadmin, so without his help this would be held together with nasty pile of duct tape! But it isn't!

Next step: bridge this with Discord (somehow) so it's one community in two places, and not two separate ones - if anyone has expeience or ideas how to do this - let me know!


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I have been having fun getting back into working on a track. I'm mixing a song from a friend of mine on channel on Freenode. Maybe a bit of producing as well, depending on where one were to try to draw the line between the two (it's kind of a moving line in my book). I'm almost done with it. I'm getting a bit nervous, now. I hope he likes what I did with it.

I have been taking kind of an unintentional hiatus from social networking. Work has been crazy. But, I miss following all y'all, so this is my apology toot. I'll try to start checking in more often again. :)

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Southeast Linux Fest begins as a virtual event TODAY! 🎉 #SELF will run from today until the 14th. More information on how to participate below. Please boost! 👍 #self #self2020 #southeastlinuxfest #southeastlinuxfest2020


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Show "The New Oil" podcast some love for hosting episodes on #funkwhale at open.audio:) @thenewoil


Not only does this avoid Soundcloud (centralized... booo!) but you can also follow directly from Mastodon. If you have a podcast, consider giving open.audio a try ... it's free and it goes a long way to promote FOSS alternatives.

Short and sweet, and packed fully of useful information and tips. I highly recommend it!

#thenewoil #privacy #tor #foss #decentralized

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Now that i found out about https://wttr.in it's the only way i'll get my weather...

Made some quick functions in #fish so all i have to do is type

wt = current conditions
wf = today+tomorrow forcast
wff = 3 day forcast

just awesome
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"Linuxmusic.rocks aims to be musician friendly database of linux available software and plugins (taking kvr as an example but with better linux world coverage)
Only linux native software/plugin are in database, we dont wanna focus on wine-related stuff, as we would fall into every other vst database.
Each software/plugin in the database was runned successfully under either ardour, carla (DSSI) or standalone."

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Progress update yay!

@zplus@gnusocial.no is working on the foundations of federation in Pagure, representing objects using ActivityPub & delivering activities between servers.

@jazzyeagle & ikomi started working on a client app for Vervis! And I'm so grateful for their help! It will connect to servers using ActivityPub C2S and some forge-related vocabulary we'll define in ForgeFed.

I'm implementing federated patches & merge requests in Vervis, going to put this in the ForgeFed spec draft soon.


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Alright, I've just started my migration from the old account to this new one. Let's see if all my followers are migrated over. So long as the majority of them come back, I'm happy. 😁

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I think I mentioned this once before, but the Discogs music marketplace is an amazing thing. I had no idea until recently, but I've replaced some missing CDs and found a bunch of out-of-print things I've always wanted.

Highly recommended.


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@fribbledom May I burden you for some help with my pet project? Source is at forge.angeley.es/s/jazzyeagle/ I'm having an issue in qtgui/editor.go, line #31 says NewEditor doesn't exist, though this type of declaration works for Telephant and the Qt examples, and I had it working in other code that I deleted because I didn't need that code. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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audio resizing! still needs a bit of work for undo/redo, but #works(onmymachine)!

#Zrythm #DAW

Made some decent progress today in my IDE+Shortcut Daemon programs (more of a learning experiment than a big app). I'm able to identify shortcuts now. Next step is to add additional logic to the Event Handler so it knows when I'm entering a command vs. when I'm typing. I do happen to be a fan of vim-style commands, after all... For now, though, good night!!

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"As the challenged party, you may choose the weapon for the duel."
"I chose forgiveness."
"That... That is not a weapon."
"Can it hurt people?"
"I guess, if the forgiven is petty, but-"
"Then it can be a weapon."
"But how do you intend to win?"
"Who says I intend to win?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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