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While I’m not new to Mastodon, this account is, so I’ll do an post...

36/F/Canada, mother of 3

I’m probably the most boring person on this site. I have interests in many things but am not very good at any of them. I work a LOT.

I like to think that I’m technically proficient, but really, I’m just the most efficient of those I regularly interact with in real life. I’m pretty much a noob otherwise.

Anyway, hi. If you follow me, drop me a note to say hello!

Tonight it was only a 60lb box that landed on my OTHER wrist so I kept working.

Lol safety first, better make sure the seat is buckled in

What I wouldn't give for a plate of turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy right now.

I’m about as good as making friends online as I am in real life.

I feel like every day there’s a new word to learn, like one morning, someone just decides “damplemave” is a new word to describe this thing and suddenly everyone is talking about it.

Never answer email. Answering email just encourages people to email you again. Vicious cycle. Not worth it.

I’m bored. Someone talk to me about anything.

My bestie is gonna tell me it looks good, which is going to annoy me, because I hate being coddled.

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I get that it’s polite or whatever to greet someone, but when I’ve told people over and over again “Please do not start messaging me with a greeting unless that greeting also contains the reason for your messaging me” I start to get annoyed.

I love when my Spotify playlists get confused by my varied musical moods and mix stuff like Jeff Buckley in with SOAD.

I am limited in what apps I can implement within the businesses I manage by the lack of technical know-how in the staff employed by these businesses.

Actual quote from a CBC article: “It's still summer in Canada, with temperatures well above zero in most of the country.”

The coyotes stopped yipping just after I got up to record them.

My new cactus lamp amongst some of my favourite pics (me and my nieces, me and my oldest, and my three kids in Arizona)

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