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I reserve the right to question why it is that you've chosen to follow me.

Pants off, feet up, time to take this chilling to the next level.

So, this meatloaf, is it a romantic food for you? Is it getting you hot?

I’ve drank half a case of these things so far and don’t even have a buzz. I won’t be wasting my money on these again.

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LB: I'd be the one with the rose in the bottle, but that steak is too well done.

Ugh, just because I forgot to put my watch back on after showering today, I've ruined my perfect month on the VERY LAST DAY OF THE MONTH.

"I'm going to have colour coming out of my yin-yang."
"Well, then maybe you'll finally find yourself a man."

I gotta say, Mike's Hard Lemonade is quite soft. Like... 1% soft, not the advertised 5%.

Okay, hear me out here for a second, what if...

...what if the entire internet was just one big shitpost?

My thoughts on the Apple walled garden after spending a couple of years in the iOS ecosystem.

#Apple #iOS

Google "country where it's not bullshit drama all the time that I can move to"

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