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I reserve the right to question why it is that you've chosen to follow me.

"If a man has reported to you, that a certain person speaks ill of you, do not make any defense to what has been told you: but reply, The man did not know the rest of my faults, for he would not have mentioned these only."

And so begins the next 6 months of icy, snow-covered roads.

The vulva-esque galaxy is no more. I painted over the entire thing because I just couldn't look at it anymore.

How to pronounce common file formats.

GIF: yiff
JPG: huh-peeg
DOC: dook
PDF: parfait
TXT: texit
XLS: excellent
HTML: hot meal

You can't pour from an empty glass, no matter how much someone else:

- thinks you should
- blames you for being empty
- tries to convince you that you shouldn't be as empty as you are
- calls you selfish for taking the time you need to refill the glass
- uses your words and actions when you're empty against you
- barely listens to your attempts to explain what got you empty to stand on their own pulpit and deliver a sermon about something unrelated

Don't be the "someone else" in this post.

So, I only have 4 senses: sight, hearing, touch, and taste.

My hearing is already diminished by tinnitus, and now my eyesight is going also.

Soon I'll revert to infantile ways: touching and tasting everything to decide what it is.

My oldest turns 16 tomorrow. This would normally make a person feel old, but my youngest won't be 16 for another 12 years. THAT is when I'll DEFINITELY feel old.

Look how tiny this phone is! So cute! The original iPhone SE.

Cinnamon and sugar on my oatmeal paired with a cup of hot apple cider: heaven.

Going to devote this morning to:

Going to enjoy some Michael Corleone before bed tonight.

I kinda feel like asking the latest follow why they chose to follow me, but after a brief glance at their account, I’m doubting I’ll get a response in any earthly language. 🤔

Two paintings from today. My 4yo did the stars on the first one - and that’s the one I like better.

Boost for vis

when you close your eyes, you see:

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