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I am/can be:
- angry
- insecure
- sarcastic
- caring
- a bitch
- blunt
- fat

I like:
- art
- spreadsheets
- Apple products
- alcohol
- potatoes
- good conversation (though I’m poor at it)

I have:
- Aspergers

I’ve come here from the birdsite and have retained certain birdsite tendencies. I’m curious why someone would follow me, especially if they follow first. Please feel free to interact with/follow me. I will respond and will often follow back.

Is "Advent of Code" one of those Reindeer Games that Rudolph never got to take part in?

K wait... @MrCuda just followed me and I need to know why

Time to be a responsible adult lol and go to bed I guess. I'm already there but now I guess I sleep.

What to do when drunk and wanting to talk, and tired and needing to sleep :blobscream:

And 7 out of 17 of the posts feature me in a different lax team's gear. Man, I miss lacrosse.

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I just realized that one of my lax idols (Bill O'Brien) liked a few of my posts on there (and he wasn't even tagged in them!)

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Holy crap, I have an IG account still open that I haven't used since 2018. (If you're curious to see it before I inevitably delete it, it's laxgirl.306)

Free professional development course courtesy of my accountant. Pysched.

Y'know, since I barely graduated grade 12.

I may create a new account on a different instance for just posting about ... I don't know.

There should be an -based instance on here. If I had half a brain, I'd create one.

*looks into creating an instance*

*wonders how to brain after reading instructions*

Serious question for the tootsphere: any *viable* alternative to TeamViewer?

The gist here is that I need to get full *unattended* access to my mother’s PC (she lives on the other side of the world), even when she’s not in front of the machine.

I gave a quick try to AnyDesk but that didn’t convince me.

Google Remote Desktop is ok but the unattended setup is unreliable (the PC got unlinked from my account during some Chrome auto update: a pain in the neck).

Anything else?

Should not have opened my e-mail today. Nope, that was a bad idea.

New pfp. Do you like it? Do you love it? Do you wanna be it?

Fantastic feasts and where to find them

No one can tell me that the Chicken McMuffin at McD's (minus the cheese - who puts cheese on a chicken burger???) is anything but delicious.

It would have been nice if nature could have held off on that snow until Saturday.

I would kill for a snowblower.

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