I am looking forward to trying out the typesetter over the holidays.

Any recommendations on how to approach this little project?

cc @otini

I just added

Tools\Commands\sile="sile %.sil | txs:///view-pdf"

to texstudio.ini. Now I can write some -Code in , press Alt+Shift+F1, compile it and show the result in the embedded PDF viewer.

If I can get syntax highlighting and automatic completion to work for *.sil files, that would be very convenient.

@hollma The manual is a good place to go through the basics. Then, depending on what you like to do, maybe I can recommend something in particular.

@otini The manual is a good way to start, that's true. Is is concise and understandable. Additionally, I found that it is very comfortable to have real-world examples that one can adapt and modify. I think this is how most people learn and I see no reason why should be any different. 🙂

@hollma You have a number of examples on the website, but many of them are already in the manual.

More interestingly, a contributor has put in one big PDF all the cool things he has been able to do with SILE I expect that browsing this document and its source can be inspiring.

Otherwise, what I do is always to start some project, and figure out how to do what I want to do along the way 😄

@otini Thank you for the link to Omikhleia's github repository. That is a great addition to the official manual!

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