As a German I have to say that some republicans really lack proper education on nazism and the holocaust. Being vaccinated is nothing like being murdered by SS medical staff with phenol injections in Auschwitz death camp. Living in the US as an unvaccinated citizen is the opposite of being a victim of the Nuremberg Laws. You are free to speak out publicly. Protected by the police! Protected! Get your facts straight!

Source (in German):


Or maybe, let's begin with acknowledging facts as a first, minor step towards meaningful discussions. Once you agree on some basic facts (hey, this is why we invented science!), you are able to speak to each other again.


That does not fit with their agenda, which is, first and foremost, to stay in power by any means neccesary.

Flat out scaring people is very effective, especially when you have control over their education and the public can't learn otherwise - because the public can't learn.

@hollma it's like that one woman who said she felt like Sophie Sholl on stage, prompting this one guy to just-fucking leave.

@dhfir did that get international media attention, too?

(FYI: At a German anti-covid protest a young woman held a speech and claimed she feels like Sophie Scholl, a student who was beheaded because she distributed anti-nazi leaflets at her university.)

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