I’m going to start a Y2038K denialist group.

“32bit numbers run out? That’s ridiculous”.

“Have you ever counted to 4B? Checkmate, Y2038Kists”

Y2038K is just a conspiracy to sell more clocks.

They want you to use 64bit numbers to distract you from the present, wake up sheeple!

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Fucking clockversatives!!! You can'tr trust those people.

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“We’ve been using computers since the 1950s, but we didn’t have to do this until now. Why now?? WHOSE interest is it to make this happen??”

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“I’m 80 years old and I just want to keep using good, honest, down to earth 32bit numbers just like I did when growing up. I’ll be dead before 2038 anyway, so stop making up problems that don’t need fixing!!!”

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@szbalint Let us not rush into an economical collapse, but encounter the issue with smart political decisions.

Step 1: Decrease the usage of 32 bit counters by 10% until 2040.

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