Have you ever experienced that a driver used their car as a weapon while you were riding your ?


I appreciate if you share your stories.

I was forced off the road twice when drivers close-passed me and hardly missed my handlebar.
Often drivers ignore my right of way at road bottlenecks, driving their car at me head-on because they want me to get off the road. Several times drivers drove next to me and slowly move to the right while shouting at me. Once I was waiting at a red light when somebody honked at me for 30 seconds just because I was a cyclist.


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@hollma @mastobikes All the time, even car against another car.
This thing is a weapon.
There's nothing you can do against the inertia of such a mass, even at 5km/h it is deadly. So much energy.

@hollma @mastobikes I don't think so, I'm not cycling that often, but I think I remember people shouting at me to startle me a few times

@hollma wait actually, yeah full stop. Dang bastards, I forgot just how bad they used to be

@hollma @mastobikes

Worst close pass was an HGV forcing me into parked cars, had to do an emergency stop or die, essentially.

Have had plastic bottles and cans thrown at me from cars a few times.

One bloke leaned out of his window and tried to grab my handle bars, after failing to reach he attempted to swerve into me. Fortunately I was making a right turn so wasn't curb side.

Driving a road with a sidewalk (free for bikes at walking speed, bikes not forced to use) when I was too close bypassed by a SUV & arguing to me.
He had to slow down due to traffic and I was overtaking on the left and returning my lane.
2nd bypass the same.
Stopped him by walking over a pedestrian crossing & parked my bike there.
Asked him if he would do the same with his kids (sitting in the back)
Had to escape fast, he left his car…
Don't got his car ID :-(

Other answer: Not something that made me fear for my life, but the term "weapon" can carry a varied range of potential violence/damage experiences, from intimidation to lethal force. It's probably something people I know have experienced somewhere in that spectrum.


That's a very good description of what I mean by "weapon".


@hollma i have had cars swerve to close pass me and then drive half in the bike lane in front of me as an act of intimidation, i have had cars aggressively pass me, then pull over and throw a door open at me, i have had a police car ride pace me on a long, fast downhill and roll down his window to yell at me for riding too far in the travel lane when i was giving room to construction vehicles, i have had cars inch towards me while honking because they didn't like waiting behind me at a red light

@hollma the vehicular version of brandishing a weapon, cars that encroach on your passing space. that rev you hear when they hit the gas just as they are about to pass you, and the flooding of adrenaline when you feel their mirror almost clip your handlebar

@hollma @mastobikes No, but I have experienced cyclists using their bikes as a weapon while walking on a walkway.

@hollma @mastobikes I have also experienced cyclists ignoring empty sidewalks to hog the road.

@t54r4n1 It is here, and is advised by police and the traffic safety board.

@greatjoe eh I'm hard pressed to care about "hogging the road" vs the original question of "using a vehicle as violence"

@t54r4n1 this is while I was working as a delivery person and was timed

I'd say threatening a person's livelihood is pretty violent.

@greatjoe @t54r4n1 Get thicker skin. Someone's life is more important than another's livelihood.

@BalooUriza oh yeah sure, and when I'm walking around on the sidewalk during winter and one crashes right into me because they're going downhill at dangerous speeds, that's just fine

@greatjoe Non sequitur? Cyclists use the street where they belong, not the sidewalk.

@farhan @greatjoe That and where. In Oregon, you can't ride on the sidewalk in a business district, and outside a business district you're restricted to a walking speed. In Tulsa, you can't ride on a sidewalk anywhere there's a business. Not that it matters since the law is mostly moot, outside of downtown and a few older neighborhoods there just aren't sidewalks.

@farhan @greatjoe These places aren't atypical in the US, you're not supposed to ride on a sidewalk and the laws are generally written to keep little kids riding their first bike, not yet comfortable riding with the rest of traffic, from getting pointlessly bagged.

@hollma @mastobikes If they hit you on purpose your injuries won't be covered by their auto insurance. Let your lawyer be in charge of that part of the conversation.

@alrs What I learnt from police reports: Just claim you did not see the cyclist because they came out of nowhere or you were blinded by the sun right before they hurt themself because they did not wear a helmet. 🙈


@hollma @alrs I wasn't hit on purpose, but several people used their car as a weapon against me, driving dangerously close at high speed, terrorizing me.

I didn't report it to the police, however. I wanted to spare myself the experience of being told that nothing had happened and I should forget about it.

@hollma @alrs I typically ride on the sidewalk unless I feel uncomfortable, at my speed I typically ride on the road - unless I'm crossing a narrow road in which case I ride on the sidewalk.

@hollma put down "Other answer" because we've barely ever ridden a bicycle on a road that cars can go on so we wouldn't expect to know either way.

long: lots of times drivers have actively attacked me while I was biking 

Story of (minor) motorized violence (1/2) 

Story of (minor) motorized violence (2/2) 

Story of (minor) motorized violence (2/2) 

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