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It's Monday, and somewhere very nearby someone's decided that Major Construction Needs Doing.

Eh, could be worse. Could be the downstairs yappy dogs.

anyone looking for a roommate in oregon or washington?

note: i have 4 rabbits, do art, and am qualified to work caregiving

boosts are appreciated thanks!

Fancy a coffee and a ten-minute read? Of course you do, give yourself a break. Here's Robin Hood, but not the way you're used to seeing him.

"A Lyttell Geste of Robin Hood"

CW story: violence

"Concentrate? That's what you make pitchers of fruit juice out of, right?"

Not much going on with me, other than nerding out about the new Fire Emblem game (demo dropped yesterday).

What's going on with you?

SCAM: Lightmoon IS NOT Kdenlive. Lightmoon is MALWARE.

We have been notified of a site that is using Kdenlive's name and likeness to distribute malware to users. We will not be linking to the site to avoid accidental downloads, but if a search lands you on a site offering "lightmoon", "a free video editor" that looks in the screenshots identical to Kdenlive, this is malware.

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re: LRT: periodic reminder that Brave:
A) Has a CEO who was ousted from Mozilla for donating to anti-LGBT orgs
B) their "attention token" is just crypto

If you care about privacy in your browser just use Firefox, for crying out loud.

If you like puttering around with slo-mo and/or time-lapse video, I posted the results of this afternoon's brief visit to a nearby park during peak cloud-watching weather.

We have 3X as much COVID on this Memorial Day weekend as last year and people don't give a shit anymore. This will hurt the most vulnerable people, like the chronically ill, kids and the elderly.

Please be considerate and protect yourself and others by wearing a well-fitting N95 (or better) mask.

Just had an NHS Covid scam text. Forgot to take a screenshot to show you sorry, but basically, DON'T CLICK ANY LINKS IN TEXTS. Research them first.

If you have to give up your personal information to “register for free to continue reading”, it’s not free.

That personal information will be sold; it has value.

Wondering about one thing.
When you have a job during the week, do you play games after your day work? I'm curious.

Feel free to boost!

If YOU had a whole bunch of rubber ducks and a GoPro and wanted to make a slo-mo video with said duckies... what would YOU do?

musician death 

Oh, Vangelis. Grandpa George loved you, my Dad hated you ("musical masturbation"), and the two of you argued about it nightly for a while there, I'm sure.

Grandpa's introducing me to Vangelis when I was a wee sprat is, I'm certain, a big part of how I came to love electronica and adjacent genres as much as I do. If not for him, probably not as much Gary Numan and VNV Nation and such in my musical diet today.

A legend passes.

that OS from Redmond WA 

If it weren't for the fact that I work from home and my company is a very Microsoft company, I'd have nuked the drive again and put Kubuntu or something on it out of sheer furious spite.

Ah well.

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that OS from Redmond WA 

My Win11 reinstall last night did, in fact, resolve my "can't run PowerShell" issue. On the other hand, getting Office to install took seven tries, and getting Outlook to connect took three.

Then OneDrive decided that it was going to literally hijack my document structure, moving (!!!) every file out of Documents and Pictures into its own structure. Also, apparently it dug into the registry and moved every reference it found there, breaking backups, etc.

Without asking.

computer nerd 

Prepping for a full OS reinstall is... such fun... isn't it.


(Yes, Windows. Because of work requirements, double-sigh.)

terrible anime humor 

It's a Macross fan's favorite time of year.

It's mid-May.

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