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that diabetic life 

Most days I'm fine with the dietary restrictions under which I must live in order to, um, live.

Some days, however, I would rent out, if not outright sell, my soul for a chocolate orange treat.

covid netops joke 

"I'm so ready for delta, even my subnets are masked."

COVID and work 

"So who wants to attend $VENDOR-Con 2021 in Seattle!?!"

Y'all know we're not actually past the pandemic, right? Pay attention.

birbsite shenanigans 

Looks like Twitter's trying out a "dislike" button, the results of which "won't be visible" but um, most of us have heard of the algorithm, y'all, so we can guess that the amount of engagement (thumb up OR thumb down) will do something significant to visibility.

I can't possibly foresee any way for this to go awry, he quipped sarcastically.

@djsundog Just, upbeat and shiny and funky as all get-out, I've had one of their albums on for the last 3/4 of an hour and it's improved a rather rotten day considerably.

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Due to various Discord channel what-have-yous, I stumbled across the Japanese band 'toconoma' and I feel like they might be in @djsundog's wheelhouse.

*gets mail from eviCore*

*does double-take because on first glance it looks like the logo says "evilCore"*

I mean they're not even pretending all that hard anymore, are they?

uspol, Gen X adulthood 

There's a particular kind of depression & ennui which results from being an American child in the 1980s, watching Schoolhouse Rock and getting all that indoctrination about how great and free and dedicated to equality this country is, and ending up... here, now, with society the way it is.

I mean a lot of it has to do with how much more KNOWN all the bad stuff is, the bad stuff isn't NEW, but still. Disillusionment abounds.

that diabetic life 

Finally got the hang of the glucometer.

First result: Not great. (Not dangerously bad, but...not great.) Time to reassess the ol' diet plan again, I suppose.

personal health 

Side effect of the 2nd Pfizer jab? My left shoulder's messed up, so now I'm doing physical therapy exercises for a few weeks to try to get it back into working order again. In the meantime? Pain. Unending pain.

“We’re no longer a photo-sharing app or a square photo-sharing app.”

The end of an era, Instagram is now focusing primarily on video.

We're still here, and more dedicated than ever to our mission of creating an ethical photo-sharing platform.

PDX weather 

Today PDX broke the all-time high temperature record that had stood since... *checks notes* an entire day ago.

Today's record will almost certainly stand until... *checks more notes* tomorrow.

digital media encoding nerdery 

... on the other hand, the 10-bit encoding pass resulted in a 245MB file, versus the 900MB result from the GPU-based encoding pass.

Okay, anoraks, you win this round.

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digital media encoding nerdery 

Handbrake is neat, but figuring out the "best settings" is an absolute rabbit hole.

My previous encoding project, I just used the GPU encoder and it blazed through a 23-ish minute episode of a show in like five minutes. Looks fine, file size is a large but whatever, storage is cheap.

But. Anoraks online insist that 10-bit encoding is The One True Way. Great, but that's CPU-based. How bad will that be...?

33 minutes and change for a single 23-ish minute episode.

Companies be like: we're looking for a junior developer with the experience of a senior engineer and the salary expectations of an intern.

The email notifications from someone trying (and presumably failing) to log into my Insta account just reminded me that I never got around to shutting down my Insta account.

fun fact: the Peter Gunn Theme makes me want, not to watch Peter Gunn, but to play Spyhunter and slap that big flashing weapons van button as I cruise into a semi trailer for some sweet upgrades

music opinion, Gary Numan 

So I picked up the new album, Intruder, as it came out this year and I like it well enough, but I don't love it, and don't love anything on it as much as I do anything on Savage.

I guess I have enough Gary Numan in my library for now. [shrug emoji]

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music opinion, Gary Numan 

Late-stage Gary Numan has A Sound. It's a distinctive sound, and sometimes it coalesces into something really gritty and compelling, but a lot of the time it's just... there.

I picked up the Savage album a few months ago by way of "getting into" his stuff, and I really dig a lot of it. I went back an album for Splinter and the high point of it for me would be "Love Hurt Bleed" except for the fact that its core riff sounds so much like the far-better "My Name Is Ruin".

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