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that MSP life 

Had I at some point taken up alcoholism as a hobby, today would absolutely be a day-drinking day, thanks to ConnectWise and their products' absolute inability to actually do what they say they're going to do, coupled with their inability to record any reasons why they can't do what they say they're going to do, in addition to their support staffers' inability to explain why their products don't do what they say they should do.


Someone convince me it's a bad idea to try to source and/or build a NUC-sized Linux box to play around with audio streaming.

It's not like I need more gadgets attached to this tiny apartment's home network.

Back from vacation. Some things at work improved while I was gone, while at least one thing is now more annoying than before, so... meh?

MediaMonkey randomizer isn't messing around today. Started with Pet Shop Boys' "What are we going to do about the rich?" and followed that with Genesis' "The Knife."

Well then.

duck pic 

I spent a couple hours yesterday taking pictures of the ducks. I have a lot of them! (I'm... missing some? Not sure how/why?)

Mind you I don't know what the plan is for all of these "glamour shots" takes. The point of the exercise was the practice, and getting familiar with the new camer and the new light tent, but... eh, I'll keep the pics around for whatever.

Random social media pick-me-ups, if nothing else.

PDX weather 

Well, we got the promised rain, out here in Hillsboro OR... at 3am, for an hour or so.

This is... not quite the "clean out the air and lower the AQI" kind of event we were counting on, not even remotely. Ugh.

Oregon weather 

Well, the AQI is down under 200 here in Hillsboro OR... so merely "unhealthy." Woohoo?

On the downside, the smog is actually THICKER this morning. Sigh.

Oregon weather 

All weekend, we held out with the knowledge that by some time Monday the air would start to clear.

So of course today the tune has changed: Now, it will start to clear up on Friday... gradually.

I'd scream, but that'd be a waste of the limited decent-quality air that the purifier's been able to scrub so far.

Cosmology can be very comforting. Sure, it sounds scary to talk about the Heat Death of the Universe, but that also means that everything will be 0K in the end.

duck pics 

I think I have the new camera dialed in the way I want it. The "light box" arrived today. Everything's in place and tested.

Looks like the "ducky glamour shots" project is a GO.

website hosting & other geekery 

Playing with Linode's Object Storage (an S3-compatible thingummy) and successfully configured my primary WordPress site to backup to it. Yay? (Now to lather/rinse/repeat with the other sites...)

I'm amused that since my primary Linode is in their Fremont datacenter but their Object Storage site in the US is in Newark, I'm backing up the west coast to the east coast.

... so they went with Pink Floyd for the (inevitable, ugh) "slow moody reinterpretation of an old song" thing for the new DUNE trailer.


I mean I still despise the trope but it's a helluva choice in this case. Conflicted, I am.

Vacation: Approved.

Photography Aid Device: Shipping.

Project: Salvaged from the ashes!

It feels weird to ask for time off when I never go anywhere and won't go anywhere on my time off and I'll spend the entire time in my "office" anyway, but... I need some time off.

I know that retail therapy is all retail and no actual therapy, yet I feel compelled to buy the light tent rig I've had my eye on. I have a new camera, I haven't abandoned the project I started (when I discovered the old camera had died), and I could certainly use a personal project to focus on for a while.

Especially now.

Every time I put a CD on I’m struck by how crazy it is that the sound quality of the mass-market music format peaked with 1980s technology. TV has just gotten better, people routinely stream 4K video etc. but lossy music is the norm. Music streaming is only CD quality if you’re using a niche / HQ service 🤷‍♂️

that IT life 

Going through a vendor's supposedly-Advanced level training course and just waded through the most basic 101-level "how to tech support" material I've EVER SEEN. For example:

Under the "Identifying Issues" section called "Change One Thing At A Time And Test" (good advice, mind you, but still: very 101) there are only two slides. 1) "Did it work? Great, you're done!" and 2) "Did anything change?"

That's... it. SUPER HELPFUL GUYS. HERE'S YOUR GOLD 'yoo tryed' STAR.

Life is just a series of reminders that you can follow instructions to the letter, make all the right preparations, be punctual, and things will still go awry due to circumstances completely out of your control.

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