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I'm jet-lagged. Not because I went on a trip across country, but because for four solid nights the fireworks idiocy in our vicinity kept me up past midnight, now my sleep schedule's all caddywumpus and I'm trying desperately to be a functional human being who knows how to do his job for a living in order to keep those bills paid.

Gotta love it when you go to start a little project as a mental-health pick-me-up and almost immediately run into a catastrophic equipment failure.

Oh well.

A comic-book-longbox worth of DVDs are now archived off the shelves and stored away. (Did you know a DVD case fits PERFECTLY in a longbox? I did not!) This is mostly to make room on the media shelves for all the dingdanged manga I've been buying lately.

That's enough productivity for one day, methinks.

Thinking I'll start a physical media storage-rotation/archiving project. It's like how you don't show all the good china in the cabinet at once; I need to take less-read books off the shelves so I have places to put new books I really like.

(New books I DON'T like are given to friends who might like them better.)

A thought for the poor workers tasked with turning every minor event on the official calendar of holidays into a sales opportunity worthy of an emailed marketing pitch: your job sucks hard.

... somehow I didn't scan any of the CDs out of the Genesis "year - year" boxed sets into Discogs.


No big, just my tip top number one all time favorite band, and I forgot the core bits of their discography.

Cue anime character of choice sneering "baaaaaaka" at me.

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geekery, why can't I do this all in one place 

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There's nothing quite like the feeling when you submit a feature request (well, bug report really) and within a couple weeks a lead dev has fixed the issue.

(The Develop branch of Ampache reads Vorbis ratings tags properly now. It read all the OTHER tags okay, just not saved ratings. I can do smart-playlist things involving ratings now.)

that IT life 

I posted a little start-of-summer check-in over at the not-a-blog:

Summer's here
And the time is right
For sleeping above the sheets

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