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Ha: I keep forgetting I have the Ultradisc versions of The Police's Synchronicity and Pink Floyd's The Wall. Two records which I... do not listen much to anymore.


I'm scanning more barcodes into Discogs. Maybe I'll even get the rest of the (physical) library done before my vacation's over.


GF's birthday today. Ended up being kind of a retail-therapy day... bought dinner (delivery), bought a replacement for the 5-year-old Fire TV, etc.

Also, being the start of a short stay-cation, I spent a lot of time playing games and lounging idly in bed.

Now if only Ampache could, in the year of somebody's lord twenty twenty, effing READ OGG VORBIS RATING TAGS that'd be GREAT.


Updated my Ampache rig. It'd been a while, apparently. (Whoops. Bad admin, no biscuit.)

What I really want is a way to build and share a playlist in a kind-of-Spotify-ish way, but I suspect I'll have to make user accounts for people in order for that to work.

(Why not use Spotify? Because my library doesn't always line up with their library.)

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I managed one puttering-around session in Blender since this new computer arrived, and now I need to figure out how to re-establish the habit of puttering in it regularly even though in the face of All Of This Ongoing Nonsense it's hard to work up the gumption to do my actual paying job let alone pursue a challenging new hobby.


I listen to the nearly-14-minute monstrosity that is Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "Welcome To The Pleasuredome" and wonder how it could be cut down to manageable size, yet as I'm listening I can't actually pick out more than one section that I would remove, so I guess that's why it's the nearly-14-minute monstrosity that it is.

(I'd take out the bit between the two "war is won" moments shortly after the halfway mark.)

Favorite use of music in a while:

Our biomedical engineering department locked their door shortly after the pandemic hit. They had a plain doorbell buzzer at the time.

Today I used their doorbell, which looked different. And from inside I heard silence, but then Colin Hay singing "who can it be knocking at my door?"

They used Men at Work as a doorbell. I'm so pleased.

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People make the mistake that they assume that displays/projections would be universally visible when humans meet aliens.

I guess it’s easy to forget how all our displays are highly tuned to the characteristics of the human eye?

Even the ratios of green/red/blue visibility sensitivity are super human-specific, not to mention looking at different parts of the spectrum with rods and cones we do not have.

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haven't had anyone show up at our door trying to recruit us to their religious sect in weeks. this part, this part can stay.

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