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The problem with having the place to myself for the weekend is not knowing what to actually do with this alone time.

Food photo 

That last half hour of work before the long weekend. Hooboy.

Well. "Work." *putters around on phone*

When a private eye from the 1920's writes their life story it's a mem-noir

Winding up work this afternoon in advance of what is for many of my fellow USA-ians and myself a three-day weekend.

Anybody want anything from the Tillamook Cheese Factory...? 😎

politics v music 

Barely awake, feeling a bit ooky, and I'm about to make first contact with a prospective backup-product vendor.

It'll be fine. It'll be great. No worries. Ha. Ha ha.

I keep forgetting that Scooter did a cover of Depeche Mode's "Stripped." The sad part is that they mostly play it straight. I mean. SCOOTER. Why isn't this a monkeybonkers rendition, why is it so boringly faithful to the source?

Scooter, why?

On the downside, it seems that August is going to go out with a make-you-whimper face-melting heatwave around here.

On the upside, this weekend we plan to hit Tillamook and its environs out at the Oregon coast this weekend. Hot diggity!

MSP tech grump 

Pac-Man should be re-classified as a chew'em up

Mondays are the natural breeding ground of thoughts such as "if you want something done right you shouldn't delegate it to anybody," truly.

Sure enough, Remove Science Experiments From the Fridge Day tends to coincide with Take Out the Garbage Day.


Groceries purchased, lunch et, now to prepare (for trouble and make it double) for my first D&D session in quite a few years.

Wish me luck, or at least uncursed dice.

Okay, @szbalint, you're right: "Elfstedentocht" is very, very, very good.

I love Public Service Broadcasting so much.

Part of me knows that I am too tired to be much in the way of good company this evening.

The rest of me doesn't care. I need social time with non-coworkers, frell it all.

Making Robotech jokes while listening to one of the theme songs from Gundam Wing would have been very on-brand for Younger!Me.

bad joke time, spoonerism 

Ah, sales lizard email missive first thing in the morning. "It's good to e-meet you." I mean, it might be but since you haven't, how would you know, pal?

Have been awake off and on since 2:30am, when I turned wrong in my sleep and kicked off intense neck pain.

Gonna be a fun day, aw yeah.

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