@nowplaying From the album which got me started on being a Genesis fan, aw yeah.

Mind you I think the Disturbed cover is pretty darned good, too.

geekery, WIP screenshot 

Who knew that making a donut in 3D software was so complicated?

(Yes, I'm going through That Blender Tutorial. Trying to teach an old duck new tricks, as it were.)

@djsundog That is an insanely laser-beam-focused target group you aimed that joke at, and by golly I was in it.

@szbalint I... huh. I'm no expert on temporal mechanics but you might end up causing a causal loop at best, and a total spacetime singularity at worst, if you did that...

IT product thoughts 

IT product thoughts 

that IT life 

that IT life 

Having given up on writing and photography, I decided to revisit my plan to learn Blender.

We'll see how that goes.

Terrible joke 

Asking for a friend:

Anyone know a good employment lawyer in WA state who would work pro bono? I suspect that requiring someone to have a car for a single location desk job is not legal.

boosts appreciated

the day after the dental work 

@esheep The two on the left look so concerned because the gamer in the cubby keeps cursing their opponents over voice chat.

@djsundog I read somewhere that Goog used to and/or still does re-encode all uploaded files, which might be a factor?

Aw yeah, can't wait for the anesthetic to wear off so I can feel the right side of my FAAAAAAAAACE again.

I mean I expect considerable pain as well, but hey.

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