@djsundog @sungo Seconding the thanks for bringing beets to our notice. This may be highly relevant to my attempts to replace Ampache, if nothing else...

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re: buying CDs on ebay 

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@nomad oh hell, at the mercy of the Starlight? Good effing luck.

@gedvondur @djsundog THIS.

And now they're trying to ride the retro wave to sell us on cassettes again, and people are falling for it. GAH.

@esheep So the first image is them moving toward us, then the second is them backing away very very rapidly?

@djsundog I should note that I use a screenshot utility which specifically binds to PrtScrn.

And I use Ins to toggle that mode in Vim.

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@DrWhax @drwho I feel like I should worry more about this but damn me if I'm running out of capacity in my worrying subsystem...

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@esheep Yeah, that "oh what was even THE POINT" feel, I know it well. *nod nod*

I managed one puttering-around session in Blender since this new computer arrived, and now I need to figure out how to re-establish the habit of puttering in it regularly even though in the face of All Of This Ongoing Nonsense it's hard to work up the gumption to do my actual paying job let alone pursue a challenging new hobby.


@esheep *tries to figure out which company sponsored this toot*

I listen to the nearly-14-minute monstrosity that is Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "Welcome To The Pleasuredome" and wonder how it could be cut down to manageable size, yet as I'm listening I can't actually pick out more than one section that I would remove, so I guess that's why it's the nearly-14-minute monstrosity that it is.

(I'd take out the bit between the two "war is won" moments shortly after the halfway mark.)

@aardrian For some reason my Mom, Sue, never liked that Phil Collins song...

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