To keep myself distracted/entertained, I started my third run (Blue Lions this time) at Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and I've been playing a LOT of Satisfactory (even streaming it on occasion, go me the 48-year-old Twitch streamer or something).

It's one way to get through this hellscape, right?

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@djsundog I am so, so glad that I scheduled my vacation for this coming week, though it wasn't my original preferred time slot (I wanted earlier in the year closer to just-after-holiday-season but my on-call rotation was last week, so).

@djsundog Never figured you for the gatekeeping sort... 😅

@nomad How... useful of it, making sure not to tell you that an apparently-key part of the whole thing, one with an expiration, was nearing expiration.

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Due to various work-related things, the earliest vacation time I could schedule after my last break in November ended up being...

...Inauguration Week. Well, I guess it'll be nice not to have to worry about functioning at work if things go (further) awry with my country's government? Yay?

@somarasu As a born and bred, card-carrying white person, I...

... can find no fault in your logic, neighbor. *nod nod*

@djsundog I recommend following this by watching the "Good Morning" sequence from 'Singin' In The Rain'. It's good for what ails the soul.

No wanna work, wanna curl up with a book or a video game and pretend the world's better out there than it is.

Sign-in activity checked on both possible relevant accounts, and things look clean for now.

But still, it was worth double-checking. Gotta take this stuff seriously.

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@nomad There's that.

Still, worth giving my accounts a once-over to make sure there's no actual sign-in activity I don't know about. Safe > Sorry.

@nomad Getting a code over SMS at least suggests that someone successfully got past the "enter the password" stage, though.

Well. Nothing like getting an SMS "here's your verification code" message for an account you didn't recently log into to get your immediate and undivided attention.

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Meant to spend today working on a blog post about my latest Satisfactory game project and on a work script to do connectivity testing & reporting.

Instead, have felt miserable due to ongoing Metformin issues and making the mistake of checking the news. Ha, yeah, wow, this all sucks so much.

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Made by a friend at my suggestion.

There are few sources of euphoria quite as effective as when you surmount a challenging technical hurdle.

I just figured out how to make a bunch of fiddly coding bits march in order, on time, and in the correct direction. Heck of a way to wind up the workplace year. Yeah.

@djsundog Proper DJing, that. "Whoops, bumped the turntable, sorry 'bout that."

I both miss and don't miss my days in radio... 😅

@djsundog I never bought the whole album, just the INXS "Suicide Blonde" single. A couple of the remixes are absolute gems.

... your copy just glitched partway through, that or the encoder had a hiccup.

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