that IT/MSP life 

Nice of Amazon to make sure that I can't get a dingdanged thing done on the service board on account of not being able to LOG INTO the service board since the product's SSO goes through, you guessed it, something-or-other on us-east-1.

I'm on PTO the rest of the week, and until today I wasn't sure I needed it, but now? Oh yes.

@voltur I mean, I was unlikely to buy any of their products anyway, but still, nice of them to give me even more disincentive to do so.

I'm self-medicating my psyche with video games today, apparently. Gems of War and Fire Emblem Heroes on mobile, followed by Fire Emblem Three Houses on the Switch, and now Satisfactory on the PC.

(It's beginning to look a bit more like Ficsmas in Satisfactory, after all.)

@voltur Nice! I'm in Oregon, so Fremont was always going to be my best option.

@voltur I've been a Linode customer for ages now. Early days, they had connectivity issues at their SoCal site, but they've been rock-solid for me this past few years.

that IT/MSP life 

My day has consisted of NON-STOP "finding out that other people haven't done their due diligence and/or followed process" and I just want to launch half of my coworkers into low lunar orbit at this point.

I'd take the rest of the day off for mental health but there's only a couple hours left anyway so what's the point, and the fires these idiots failed to put out and/or fanned are still burning, so.

@voltur I keep hoping someone will get annoyed enough to make some kind of quick-switcher utility, but... I'm still waiting. (And I'm no programmer.)

@0xf0 So basically the cryptobros have ruined yet another thing for the rest of us, as is their wont. Ugh.

@voltur I hate that it's a couple extra clicks to get to the output-device switcher, too.

Whatever "Web3" is, as far as I'm concerned it has a permanent branding problem because it seems inextricably linked to blorpchain shenanigans and ennefftees and such-like.

Do not want.

@djsundog I should not admit how many years it took me to "get" that town's name.

Sigh. I am a slow, slow duck.

@drwho @nomad Oh, I'm going to make note of THAT, tell you what.

(Effing "smart" TV...)

@djsundog Oh, you're over by Lake Wenatchee? My old stomping grounds are right around there. (I grew up in various small towns along the Columbia, mostly Brewster/Bridgeport further upriver.)

that MSP life 

It's been one of those "my team is actively uninterested in learning how to use the RMM tools" days on top of being one of those "the RMM system is being an absolute butt" days, and I'm ready to pack it up and take a mental health half-day at this point.

my startup is hiring 

I have the go ahead from my co-founder to post this, so:

-if you have a bachelor's in chemistry or chemical engineering or a related field, and
-you have experience with inorganic chemistry, and
-you are interested in working at a small start-up in Oregon (not Portland!)

You should talk to me.

:boost_ok: I'll take all the adoration I can get, if I'm honest.

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