that working life 

Nearly at the end of my week of covering the dispatcher role at work, a duty I kind of despise but nobody else will do it when the normal dispatcher is out. (And he earns his vacations, so hey, it's all good.)

Of course, partway through today I go on-call for a week, so... basically the back half of October sucks for me, work-wise.

@szbalint Now there was a man who stood for something important.

@esheep "By possessing this soul, the possessing party affirms that they are not Anish Kapoor, are not affiliated with Anish Kapoor..."

Did some de-junking today, which always feels nice. This time it was some old spiral notebooks and 3-ring binders of stuff from my, er, high school years.

Ahem. Yes, I have some packrat tendencies, don't bother tutting me about it, I know, I KNOW.

Ah. Looks like birbzite is having issues. Dang.

nsfw work 

@szbalint Bwahahaha. Reminds me of my years in radio, where sales lizards all talked in terms of "cume persons" (cumulative # of people who listened to the station for at least 5 minutes during a daypart). You could always spot the newbie in the sales cube farm, they're the one snickering over the terminology.

@djsundog Seriously.

"Well, which is it? Up to, or more? PICK ONE."

I finished migrating websites from the old server to the new. Now it's just a matter of going through to make sure I didn't miss any random old files I might need later, then I can shut the old one down.


@szbalint I freely admit that I COULD use auto/recurring payments, but thanks to my dirt-poor upbringing I can't bring myself to do it, I have to manage every bill by hand somehow.

@esheep Ssssh! Don't tell people that, they'll expect me to leave the house!

@esheep Nope. Still in pajamas, sorry. Can't go anywhere.

@shreyas When only the biggest possible 'f' to pay respect will do?

I spent the bulk of my workday attending a "virtual summit" by a particular security-product vendor, and... it could've gone better, let's be charitable.

When trying a new way of doing things, communicating instructions and setting expectations is KIND OF IMPORTANT. Ahem.

that IT life 

Sweet mother of all that's holy, some nimrod (almost assuredly one of my esteemed colleagues) managed to remove the SYSTEM account from the permissions list on the data drive on a client's server and now I can't put it back.

No big deal, it's not like the remote monitoring & management software runs as SYSTEM and thus needs SYSTEM to have permissions to everything (as one would expect in a modern Windows environment) to do its job or anything like that.



I get the feeling I should be thankful that I started out on my own instance, then (when that kinda... broke) found another quiet-ish instance to live on, and never gave in to the temptation to just default to dot-social, eh?

@djsundog I am SO GLAD I never got rid of my Genesis, Peter Gabriel, and Midnight Oil music video compilation DVDs... but I didn't hang onto the PSB VHS tapes and regrets, I have them. (I should've digitized FIRST!)

I propose to rename the Van Allen belts to Van Halen belts.

Well, this is certainly a nice amount of music, isn't it?

@djsundog None from me, mate. I've never been good at sides-picking for entertainment stuff. I like Joel AND Mike!

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