that medical life 

that IT life 

that IT life 

@aardrian ..."Provenance," because my brain's addled. Sigh.

@aardrian Ann Leckie appreciation!

Oh, I love the "Ancillary" set. I like, not love, "Providence," a same-universe-but-unrelated story, and her "The Raven Tower" is the absolutely bonkers fantasy-setting riff on Hamlet you didn't know you needed in your life.

@shreyas Yuuuuuup.

I mean, I prefer FF right now for various reasons but... ugh. Why must our options all suck?

@uint8_t I love a good time lapse! Nicely done.

I should try that again some day...

being medical 

@esheep Stereo-of-the-art? That's those "magic eye" pictures, right? Right.

"The vulnerabilities can be exploited when a target downloads a video or other content that’s rendered by the chip. Targets can also be attacked by installing malicious apps that require no permissions at all."

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@aardrian Wasn't the FGTH thing done more like 'FRANKIE SAY' than 'FRANKIE SAYS'? It was so, so long ago...

@shreyas You know, it kinda was. I don't miss the dial-up part, and let's hear it for hi-def streaming video, but I kind of miss not being stuck in a decreasing number of megacorp silos.

that IT life 

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@nomad It's almost always a new record or movie or show to look forward to, for me. Of course, movies are a longer way off than they used to be. Sigh.

Right now I'm waiting for the new Assemblage 23 record to show up (I backed the Indiegogo for it).

butterfly: community-written captions

google: is this [another source of monetization]?

@nivex @djsundog ... having just re-ripped a bunch of CDs in order to replace stuff I encoded w/ pre-release Vorbis versions *mumble* years ago, do I even want to try a foray into Opus at this point?

Research suggests that at the moment, MediaMonkey's Android app has spotty support for it, if at all.

@szbalint Kohl Meiner - That guy in Avatar: The Last Airbender who keeps exclaiming, "My cabbages!"

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