commercial software, UI skin, MediaMonkey 

MediaMonkey 5 is out, and while I don't love everything about it, I mostly like it.

Except for that hideous orange default "dark" skin option. Yikes. So I made a green version I'm much happier looking at. If you're a MM5 user, maybe this will be useful to you as well:

It's got a silly name, but BUTT does the job. I couldn't get a working audio stream setup going without it. (I tried using EdCast-to-Icecast2 directly via MediaMonkey plugin but that... didn't go well.)

While I'm here, please also meet Roger, who hopes you can keep on rockin' no matter what happens today.

(Yes, Neil for Tennant and Roger for Daltrey. I'm a pop-music nerd, okay?)

Speaking of duckies, here's Neil. He's a cheery fellow, not going to judge you, just hopes you've done what you can, no more, no less. Hopefully he can brighten your day a bit.

Well, this is certainly a nice amount of music, isn't it?

uspol covid snark blah blah 

I chose to wear my old ThinkGeek "Science: It's gotten us this far" t-shirt before seeing any news or social media timelines this morning, just for the record.

duck pic 

I spent a couple hours yesterday taking pictures of the ducks. I have a lot of them! (I'm... missing some? Not sure how/why?)

Mind you I don't know what the plan is for all of these "glamour shots" takes. The point of the exercise was the practice, and getting familiar with the new camer and the new light tent, but... eh, I'll keep the pics around for whatever.

Random social media pick-me-ups, if nothing else.

duck pics 

I think I have the new camera dialed in the way I want it. The "light box" arrived today. Everything's in place and tested.

Looks like the "ducky glamour shots" project is a GO.

terrible ad copy 

I mean, it's a petty reason not to buy a product, but I am baffled that this Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 advertising slide deck passed muster. (Glaring typos underlined by myself.)

That IT/MSP Life 

What I really love about LabTech/Automate is the clear attention to detail on display from the developers.


Dagnabbit. My clumsiness cost me a most useful bit of promo kit, my Ting tumbler. I used it every workday for years. Dropped it in the kitchen after filling it up.


I'm at work today. Meanwhile, my computer at home is grinding away on yet another day of rendering the animation I threw together two days ago. It's going to take a few more days to finish, I think... and then I get to assemble & subtitle it in Premiere.

I made a rubber duck.

This doesn't seem terribly monumental but it's the first thing in Blender that I built entirely on my own. It needs work, to be sure, but I'm letting myself be bad at a thing and that's probably more important than my actually doing the thing at all.

Can I offer you a donut and some coffee?

I mean, they're made of pixels so they won't be very delicious or nutritious. Sorry about that.

(I'm 3/4 done with the "Blender Guru" tutorial video series. Woot!)

A couple nights per week for the last few weeks of following a beginner's Blender tutorial and now I have my very own cursed 3D donut. Yay?

geekery, WIP screenshot 

As one does on a Sunday morning, I'm working on making donuts.

Okay, one donut.

Okay, one virtual 3D donut that nobody can eat.

Terrible joke 

But are they made from real wives?

RWBY vol3 spoilers 

The whole point of getting my girlfriend through volume 3 of RWBY was so I could show her the 6th episode of RWBY Chibi. I mean, obviously.

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