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Dagnabbit. My clumsiness cost me a most useful bit of promo kit, my Ting tumbler. I used it every workday for years. Dropped it in the kitchen after filling it up.


I'm at work today. Meanwhile, my computer at home is grinding away on yet another day of rendering the animation I threw together two days ago. It's going to take a few more days to finish, I think... and then I get to assemble & subtitle it in Premiere.

I made a rubber duck.

This doesn't seem terribly monumental but it's the first thing in Blender that I built entirely on my own. It needs work, to be sure, but I'm letting myself be bad at a thing and that's probably more important than my actually doing the thing at all.

Can I offer you a donut and some coffee?

I mean, they're made of pixels so they won't be very delicious or nutritious. Sorry about that.

(I'm 3/4 done with the "Blender Guru" tutorial video series. Woot!)

A couple nights per week for the last few weeks of following a beginner's Blender tutorial and now I have my very own cursed 3D donut. Yay?

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