being medical as a USian 

Ah good. Because the medical profession has been thrown under the bus, collectively speaking, my primary care physician (used to just say "doctor" but hey) is leaving the clinic I go to, and the clinic is overwhelmed so I can't even try to line up a new primary care person there, and I get this news four days before Xmas.

Hopefully I don't need anything major dealt with until whenever it is in January I can line up that new person. If ever.

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being medical as a USian 

@greyduck I've recently changed from an HMO to a PPO (which is by itself a very-american joke, but whatevs).

I shit you not: it's been an exercise in frustration management. Hospitals, providers, in-network: the same doctor belongs to a in-network hospital here, but he's part of another network in a different town (as they apparently can be part of any hospital they like).

Anyhow: not sure how we put up with this level of clusterfuckery in this country.

being medical as a USian 

@greyduck ...and I haven't even started dealing with prescriptions and pharmacies...

I so not look forward to that

being medical as a USian 

@0xf0 *bone-weary virtual fistbump of being tired of this WTFery*

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