absolute nerdity 

Look, I know that in a better world I'd be doing all of this in Linux, but you know what? If I have to be in Windows-land, at least I have the Swiss File Knife utility.

'sfk.exe list -late=1 -pure c:\ ssacli.exe'

That gets me the latest installed (because yes, techs are lazy and don't follow HP's instructions to remove old versions first) version of the HP array utility CLI executable so I can save it to a variable for status-check RMM-tool scripting purposes.

Aw yeah.

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re: absolute nerdity 

@greyduck What we have here is a hack. A very hackish hack.

Good work.

re: absolute nerdity 

@nomad Yeah, only it turns out that if the HP server is old enough and the techs were lazy enough, there's an older & entirely different CLI executable name to look for, so my actual RMM script is something like "look for hpssacli.exe in ProgFiles, then ProgFilesx86, if not found look for hpacucli.exe in those same places, if STILL not found then pester someone to effing INSTALL THE CLI DAMMIT."

I love my job, oddly enough...

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