Remember, the GOP has blocked every infrastructure bill and policy for the last decade to spite Obama and his legacy.

Think about that the next time go to the market and see bare shelves in a country that has a multi trillion dollar economy.

That MSP Life 

pouring one out for all the ops, helpdesk, and IT staff out there putting their remote work infrastructures through their paces under adverse conditions.

y'all got this.


That MSP Life 

Got up out of bed dark and early to make bread. That project nearly complete, I am rewarding myself on a moviegoing jaunt to close out my vacation.

Natal anniversary thoughts 

@djsundog I made an Android app when I moved to Portland that was only for me. It simply notified me when it was time to gloat about the weather to my friends in Boston

High point of Day Two of vacation was... purchasing and using a vacuum cleaner.

Living the high life here, tell you what.

About to go on vacation. It's that last couple of hours where you just sit there, going, "Well I can't start anything now can I? I wouldn't be able to finish before I leave."

So productive, aye.

I've had "Sweet Caroline" stuck in my head all morning, but at one point "And when I hurt/Hurting runs off my shoulders/How can I hurt..." segued into "...myself today/To see if I still feel..." Nine Inch Neils, everybody.

That IT/MSP Life 

Terminator: Dark Fate (spoiler-ish) 

Spoilers (kinda) for latest Seanan McGuire "InCryptid" book 

If you listen to Klayton, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, Bono, The Edge, Elton John, Elvis Costello, Freddy Mercury, Iggy Pop, Marilyn Manson, Meat Loaf, Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx, Ringo Starr, Slash, Sting, then congratulations: you know how to use someone's preferred name.

Downside: Stuck home with a miserable head cold.

Upside: My new mattress arrived today so I can sleep miserably, but more comfortably.

The restaurant was empty when we walked in. When we left shortly after noon there had been exactly one other customer in there. There was a distinct lack of crowds on the streets. Based on this very small sample set it sure looks like people are avoiding #seattle 's ID.

This isn't cool folks! Go out and support local businesses! You won't catch COVID-19, the only contagion around here is the stupid you get from listening to the fwits on Fox.

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Blender 3D silliness continues 

My Blender 3D experiences all seem to follow a similar pattern:

1) "I wonder if someone's made a mesh for this bit I need at a quality & price level I want & can afford."

2) "You want HOW MUCH for THAT?"

3) "I guess I'm learning to make it myself then."

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