... somehow I didn't scan any of the CDs out of the Genesis "year - year" boxed sets into Discogs.


No big, just my tip top number one all time favorite band, and I forgot the core bits of their discography.

Cue anime character of choice sneering "baaaaaaka" at me.

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There's nothing quite like the feeling when you submit a feature request (well, bug report really) and within a couple weeks a lead dev has fixed the issue.

(The Develop branch of Ampache reads Vorbis ratings tags properly now. It read all the OTHER tags okay, just not saved ratings. I can do smart-playlist things involving ratings now.)

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I posted a little start-of-summer check-in over at the not-a-blog: greyduck.net/journal/3788

Summer's here
And the time is right
For sleeping above the sheets

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My Discogs submission received one critique. I panicked a bit at first when I saw the message, but they were right: I got the label wrong. Easy fix. Whew.

I have, in fact, spent an hour or so getting the 3-CD set into Discogs as my very first submission.

Maybe someone else out there spent the ridiculous amount of money for that set and will be happy for my efforts? I hope so.

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Well crap: The Bodacious Space Pirates soundtrack CD set is NOT in Discogs. At all.

Not sure what I want to do about that.

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Today's the day, I just know it.

Today's the day I actually finish something I started. (The Discogs barcode scanning project... which began over a year ago. Ahem.)

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