musician death 

Oh, Vangelis. Grandpa George loved you, my Dad hated you ("musical masturbation"), and the two of you argued about it nightly for a while there, I'm sure.

Grandpa's introducing me to Vangelis when I was a wee sprat is, I'm certain, a big part of how I came to love electronica and adjacent genres as much as I do. If not for him, probably not as much Gary Numan and VNV Nation and such in my musical diet today.

A legend passes.

that OS from Redmond WA 

If it weren't for the fact that I work from home and my company is a very Microsoft company, I'd have nuked the drive again and put Kubuntu or something on it out of sheer furious spite.

Ah well.

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that OS from Redmond WA 

My Win11 reinstall last night did, in fact, resolve my "can't run PowerShell" issue. On the other hand, getting Office to install took seven tries, and getting Outlook to connect took three.

Then OneDrive decided that it was going to literally hijack my document structure, moving (!!!) every file out of Documents and Pictures into its own structure. Also, apparently it dug into the registry and moved every reference it found there, breaking backups, etc.

Without asking.

computer nerd 

Prepping for a full OS reinstall is... such fun... isn't it.


(Yes, Windows. Because of work requirements, double-sigh.)

terrible anime humor 

It's a Macross fan's favorite time of year.

It's mid-May.

I have a couple bins' worth of rubber ducks, I have a GoPro capable of 240fps video, I just need some fun way to combine those two items... hmmmm.

hey is anyone around Seattle looking for housing right now? Me and a close friend are looking for a third roommate in our Lake City area apartment. $550/mo for a small room or $900/mo for a big one. Starts June 30th. pls boost/tell your friends if you have mutuals around Seattle

Chatty AF 162: 2022 Spring Check-In

Caitlin, Alex, and Peter check in on an absolutely packed Spring season and it’s many good dads, rap battles, and games of volleyball!

Went shopping for a spring/fall rain jacket. Requirements: Arms actually fit me (I have relatively short arms for my torso), outside chest "phone" pocket, decent hood.

What I found was... a winter jacket on clearance, but with a removable liner. And it fits like a glove. Or, rather, like a tailored jacket. Sweet deal.

brain weasels 

Nothing like having a Microsoft patch destroy part of one's home computer's software toolset and being unable to remedy the problem to make one feel even less like one knows what one's doing than usual.

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

Oof. I got a result from the FZ80 time-lapse test, it's just not very good.

Probably won't upload it to the yootoobz.

Trying the Lumix FZ80 as a cloudscape time-lapse rig, since it has... gasp... an actual physical zoom unlike the GoPro. We'll find out in a few hours if it works... if the battery holds out, that is.

I feel so sad for people with loud car exhausts. They’re just trying to live, go to work every day, and do their thing, but can’t even afford a muffler for their little car. That would be humiliating.

Same for people who couldn’t scrape together the money for the quiet parts of their motorcycles. I pity them.

Absolutely wasted my day today. I can't focus on much of anything, no drive to do anything, and I can't even seem to play video games properly.

Good thing it's not a workday, I guess.

virtual tabletop gaming nerdery 

I'm transferring (well, mostly-rewriting) the character generation stuff from the Starfinder core rulebook into my Foundry VTT setup since what the book says to do and what Foundry's able to do FOR you are two wildly different things that require some... translation.

It's kind of fun, but boy howdy I've barely even started with the actual module setup, I've taken up so much time with this chargen documentation. WHEE.

What be your messaging method of choice?

(Please boost!)

work eyerolling 

Three times today, and we're barely halfway done with it all, that I've had to point coworkers at documentation I've written about exactly what they're asking me for guidance about, documentation that lives in an extremely well-searchable database that we're all logged into every single workday.


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