I blogged about my dive into Blender 3D stuff: greyduck.net/journal/3734

It's not all donuts and coffee cups, honest!

I'm out on vacation most of next week (and working from home that Friday), and boy howdy is the short-timer syndrome a hard fight today, lemme tell ya.

Can I offer you a donut and some coffee?

I mean, they're made of pixels so they won't be very delicious or nutritious. Sorry about that.

(I'm 3/4 done with the "Blender Guru" tutorial video series. Woot!)

If the band The Sighs had really taken off big, would their groupies have been referred to as The Sighs Queens?

... I'll show myself out.

that IT life 

How many wives were turned into pillars of salt during the destruction of Sodom and Gammorah? 

brain weasels suck 

Dear Gamers,

I have a small question: When you play RPGs or other genres where this applies:
What kind of message reveal speed do you prefer?

PS: Please boost! I want as many opinions as possible. I wanna try my hand on creating a game and am wondering how people like to experience games.

follow requests from accounts that follow a thousand other accounts but have ten followers and zero posts will be denied out of hand.


For every complex problem, there's a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.

For a Friday, it's awfully Monday-shaped, isn't it?

A couple nights per week for the last few weeks of following a beginner's Blender tutorial and now I have my very own cursed 3D donut. Yay?

Oh damn, it just hit me.
Keanu Reeves is in the same situation as before.

John Wick is like the Matrix. There is only one movie. The others we do not talk about and they do not exist.

I think I'm funny 

The main problem with doing that Blender Guru donut tutorial is how badly it makes me crave a donut.

Addams Family (1991) 

Oh no. I have to be the "well it works for ME" tech support guy.


There may come a day when I tire of cueing up my Battle Tapes playlist, but this is not that day.

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