Daft Punk choosing to close up shop on their own terms is a sad event for music fans but I must respect it. Make your own call as to when a project should end, that's the right of any artist. Your own terms, nobody else's, that's the ideal.

I wrote about building trains in the game for (relative) newbies, based on my experiences so far: greyduck.net/journal/3908

I found the non-bubbly-talking-heads feed for the Mars rover (hopefully) landing event: youtube.com/watch?v=kPrbJ63qUc

sat down this afternoon to have a sandwich and my wife had the local news on the television.

they did a story that involved them showing a web page in a browser on the screen.

if you work in television news: for the love of all that is holy turn off the freaking bookmark toolbar on whatever browser you'll be using for on-air display.

does your IT staff really want you showing everyone what internally-facing web applications y'all are depending on to get work done? hmmmm?

Miserable night, took a short nap after meds-and-breakfast, now to see if I can accomplish a single dingdanged thing with the rest of my day.

They say we've got a big snowstorm comin'. Well, for values of "we" meaning "eastside PDX metro." Out here in the Beaverton/Hillsboro side, we're just getting freezing rain for a couple of days.

The un-fun version of winter precipitation, in other words. Sigh.

Living in a pandemic means feeling like eight people on the bus is too crowded rather than mostly empty.

Welp. There are a few more songs after this on the random playlist, but when Genesis' "Afterglow" kicks in, you know that's the end of the show for the night.

"I followed a sign that said 'Beautiful Chest', it led to a lady who showed me her best..."

I'm not saying that Genesis never topped this quip of a lyric from "The Battle of Epping Forest" in the early 1970s, but... wait, yes, yes I am saying that.

Heavy Toy Matinee presence in my random music playlist today, thus I'm missing Kevin Gilbert keenly.

companies with valuations measured in billions pay fines for illegal behavior measured in millions when they steal worker compensation measured in thousands.

Trying out my MediaMonkey -> VB-Audio Virtual Cable -> b.u.t.t. -> Icecast rig again. If you're bored/curious and want to know what music gets me through an average workday: earworm.me/stream.xspf

The downside (there HAD TO BE ONE, yeah?) of having both monitors at 4K resolution now is that the programs I used to have on the HD display now need reconfiguring so I can, ya know, actually READ the tiny tiny print. (Not all apps play well with the Win10 scaling, in this, the year twenty freakin' twenty one, for some reason.)

Fun times, fun times. It was an excuse to tell Notepad++ to use Source Code Pro, though, which I'd been putting off for [mumble] now. So there's that.

I've been blogging about (a marvelous little game so far) for weeks now, and here's my latest, "Oh Hey, Computer." Please enjoy!

Relatedly, I haven't been plugging my blog posts here, and I'm not sure if I should. Hmm.

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Is it kind of sad that all of my blog content lately is write-ups of Satisfactory game sessions and/or Satisfactory new/casual player tips?

Probably, but hey, it's that or "woe is me" blah blah content, and I think I know which of those most folks would prefer.

To keep myself distracted/entertained, I started my third run (Blue Lions this time) at Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and I've been playing a LOT of Satisfactory (even streaming it on occasion, go me the 48-year-old Twitch streamer or something).

It's one way to get through this hellscape, right?

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