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It's one of the great days of the year: Put The AC Units Away Day.

*deep sigh of happiness*

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G'mornin' to those of you for whom it's still morning-time, good day/night to the rest as appropriate. May the full moon herald a great improvement for all of your lives.

here's some pictures i took with a camera you can buy on ebay right now for $15

it uses floppy disks as a digital medium

get any thrift store camera! take pictures with it! congrats you're doing photography now!

Aha. I'm informed that it is in fact a "joke." Mind you, why someone would build a Kickstarter campaign (??!!??) around this is anyone's guess, and it's probably a stupendously bad idea to even build the structure to get yourself money for such a thing.

And then to argue with Neil Gaiman about it, that's just doubling down on your idiocy there, pal.

I just read a blurb about a service that transcribes audiobooks and my brain hurts now because that's just THE ORIGINAL BOOK, Y'ALL.

I mean. Seriously. What Silicon Valley dingbat came up with THAT unnecessary service?

You know it's love when she buys you a couple months' worth of root beer iced tea blend. 😍

The significance of the day notwithstanding, I hope everyone is doing as well as they're able, today.

You know those days when you simply lack the patience for anybody's shenanigans whatsoever?


Mild work snark 

Good day, one and all. So far the day's been... relatively quiet, really, and I'm 100% okay with that.

Let's ease into the week, yeah?

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fast food 

So the good news is that I did NOT set off the smoke alarm when I burned the bacon for my breakfast this morning.

*deep sigh*

that IT life 

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