medical good news 

My A1C remains in the "basically like a normal person's" range for the 2nd check in a row, so the diet/meds/exercise are doing the job.

Whew. If I end up planted in the ground any time soon, it /shouldn't/ be on account of the diabetes, at least.

life & health & aging 

Ah, the eternal question: "Am I tired because of my diabetes, because of poor sleep, because I'm pushing 50, or because of some other reason entirely... or some/all of the above?"

being diabetic 

Some days, living with diabetes means that no matter how well you try to eat and take care of yourself and what-not, you just spend the whole damned day woozy as hell and there's not a dingdang thing you can do about it.

(But you have to power through anyway, because capitalism is a harsh overlord.)

Pfizer jabbed 

First time through, three weeks back, the main side effect was "being tired for a few days" with a bonus of "my arm is sore where they jabbed me."

This time, I have the sore arm and also sore many-other-parts, to the point where I woke up at 3am in pain... not so much "all over" as "a lot of weirdly random places," and had to take a full dose of ibuprofen to eventually get a bit more sleep again before the alarm went off.

Gonna be a "fun" day...

It's weird when you discover new (to you) music that was released decades earlier when you were at your most musically ravenous.

It's almost an incredulous "how did I not know about this" and "was this actually around then?"

On the one hand, these evolutionarily-provided meatsacks we inhabit are terrible kludges prone to bizarre breakdowns, such as sleeping just a bit wrong and ending up unable to bend or twist one's torso due to back pain.

On the other hand, I don't want to even contemplate the EULA I'd need to agree to in order to inhabit a replacement robotic container.

retro gaming, as it were 

... I forgot that UT99 is from the times before WASD was fully entrenched as the default keyboard movement controls in FPS games.

Arrow keys. Why did we ever think arrow keys was the way to go?

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retro gaming, as it were 

Sometimes you just find yourself making UT99 work again because it's exactly your brand of first-person carnage. Old and janky, but fun.

Today's another day when I will be glad I'm not hip to what goes on in the Fed-line, isn't it.

(... there's some foofaraw against/about the term 'toot'? Seriously?)

work snark 

The urge to tell my bosses, "You didn't need me in this meeting for my potential contributions, you just wanted me here as an audience for your banter" was powerful, but I managed to suppress it.

COVID jab 

Got my first Pfizer dose this morning. Only moderate body aches as a side-effect... so far. We'll see how the next 24 hours go.

Still worth it, tho'. This diabetic meatsack needs all the help it can get.

COVID jab, the dream of socializing 

The other member of the household has their J&J jab scheduled this weekend, so hey, we're on our way to being a safer space.

Maybe someday we can have (fully vaccinated) people over for games and stuff.

COVID jab 

On the upside, I have a 1st jab appointment scheduled now.

On the downside, I was a dingbat and scheduled it for my lunchtime, which means I'm going to be fighting my blood sugar levels that entire day, GOOD GOING ME.

NFT snark, birdsite 

Say what you will about the band KONGOS, but they seem to have spent a couple of days recently devoting their birdsite feed to making snarky jokes about NFTs and I'm down with mocking that garbage.

(Mind you, they also note that the music industry is definitely going to change SOMEhow in this digital age, and something NFT-adjacent may be involved... ugh.)

I'm also a partly amused and partly annoyed at the weird stylistic callbacks. Just as an example: The middle section of the album closer, "High Hopes," has a guitar riff that's almost (but not quite!) identical to the middle section of "Welcome To The Machine."

I hear what you did there, Dave Gilmour. (And I'm not impressed. All you did was make me want to listen to "Welcome To The Machine" instead of /this/ drivel.)

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It's not a bad album, not really.

But it's overwhelmingly BORING.

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Not quite sure why it's taken this long for me to give Pink Floyd's THE DIVISION BELL a track-by-track ratings pass, but given how utterly unimpressed I am in general by the experience, I think I have an inkling...

Every now and then I get to flex my VMware muscles, and I'm reminded again what a shame it is that they utterly abandoned the SMB market space to Microsoft's clutches.

Joke's on me, I don't have permissions in the Azure system to add port 5154 to the inbound rules.

Sigh. It's been that kind of... *gestures vaguely about time*

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