Random playlist today is a lot of Mono Inc, Pink Floyd, Midnight Oil, and Depeche Mode.

Not sure if there's a theme or trend here, but I'm amused nonetheless.

Petition to replace "free as in beer" with "free as in coffee" to be more accessible to people put off by beer-drinking culture.

Yeah, for real. People with religious reasons for not drinking don't need the micoraggression. Neither do people who live in places where beer is blokey, heteronormative or reminiscent of Brett Kavenaugh. ~Everyone~ is the target audience for FOSS. RMS-era Foss jokes all need to be reevaluated and many of them, including this one, have outlived their usefulness.

While @djsundog is reveling in a Prince-ly day, I'm medicating my brain-weasels situation with a lot of A23, Mono Inc, and VNV... which gives you an idea how I'm doing today, hooboy.

that MSP life 

Someone convince me it's a bad idea to try to source and/or build a NUC-sized Linux box to play around with audio streaming.

It's not like I need more gadgets attached to this tiny apartment's home network.

Back from vacation. Some things at work improved while I was gone, while at least one thing is now more annoying than before, so... meh?

MediaMonkey randomizer isn't messing around today. Started with Pet Shop Boys' "What are we going to do about the rich?" and followed that with Genesis' "The Knife."

Well then.

duck pic 

PDX weather 

Oregon weather 

Oregon weather 

Cosmology can be very comforting. Sure, it sounds scary to talk about the Heat Death of the Universe, but that also means that everything will be 0K in the end.

duck pics 

website hosting & other geekery 

... so they went with Pink Floyd for the (inevitable, ugh) "slow moody reinterpretation of an old song" thing for the new DUNE trailer.


I mean I still despise the trope but it's a helluva choice in this case. Conflicted, I am.

Vacation: Approved.

Photography Aid Device: Shipping.

Project: Salvaged from the ashes!

It feels weird to ask for time off when I never go anywhere and won't go anywhere on my time off and I'll spend the entire time in my "office" anyway, but... I need some time off.

I know that retail therapy is all retail and no actual therapy, yet I feel compelled to buy the light tent rig I've had my eye on. I have a new camera, I haven't abandoned the project I started (when I discovered the old camera had died), and I could certainly use a personal project to focus on for a while.

Especially now.

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