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In tech, 'smart' refers to any device that stops working when the company that manufactures it goes out of business, regardless of what it does.

When you have a productivity-based sense of self-worth, an at-home vacation (basically just burning PTO because I'm told that I use less than anyone else in the company and need to start using more please) is a blessing AND a curse. What do I do with my day that will leave me feeling like I Did Something with my time?


In case you're wondering where my brain's at today, I'm still kind of seething over the fact that went for a "here's Wonderwall" joke and that I laughed at it anyway.

In 1982, a crack Antarctic scientific unit was eaten/absorbed/greeted by an alien life form. This alien promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground.

Today, still wanted by the government, he/she/it/they survive as soldier(s)/scientist(s)/ambassador(s)/detective(s) of fortune.

If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, if you don't mind the odd tentacle dog, and if you can find it/them/we/us/you...

maybe you can hire/embrace/become

The Thing Team

I made a short video and want y'all to come see!

Come On, See The Noise:

On the upside, my new office chair showed up a week early. It's so, SO much more comfortable than the temporary one I was using after the previous good chair gave out.

Weekend's almost here. Think I'm gonna split my time between reading books and poking at the Blender music-viz project some more.

Have made zero progress on anything to do with artsy-type projects this week. Been a dingdang zombie the entire time.

Maybe this weekend? Maybe.

Tired: Gonzo journalism

Wired: Statler & Waldorf journalism

Hired: Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem journalism

Which one is the best chocc, fedi-friends?

Year of the Rat kicks off in a few weeks.

Dingdanged better well be my year, yeah.

Rhapsody in Blue is in the public domain now.

Here's a midi performance of the piece, which sounds really decent. I'll do a chiptune version later!

Happy New Year, everyone except for the howling jackasses setting off fireworks right now outside our apartment building.

Smartphones should start deprioritizing “open wifi found” messages.

It’s almost 2020 and it hasn’t been the case for years that i wanted to join an open wifi network. 4G + home/office wifi is more than enough for me these days.

My Blender 3D video is just past the halfway mark on rendering frames. It'll probably be done on Sunday.

I mean, "done." Next up will be loading it into Premiere and adding in subtitles. Maybe I can premiere the final video (ha ha) by New Year's Day? Maybe.

I'm at work today. Meanwhile, my computer at home is grinding away on yet another day of rendering the animation I threw together two days ago. It's going to take a few more days to finish, I think... and then I get to assemble & subtitle it in Premiere.

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