Doom scrolling on mastodon
Doom scrolling on reddit
Doom scrolling on mastodon

Literally enthralled that they're getting to make and consume what they want

Why am I always so genuinely happy for people who make cooking videos

@carcinopithecus i wish I weren't just now seeing this but that is incredible

My toxic trait is positive quality flipped to sound negative kinda

People who skip the Big Mouth intro are soulless

Need a good mobile jrpg to occupy my time these days

@SeventhMagpie hundred percent agree, do what you choose my friend!

@SeventhMagpie that's so annoying that someone would resort to ad hominem for you choosing to be cautious. I feel like covid has really brought out the worst in others.

The state of the world has my head constantly spinning

I can't tell if this is a good Steam review or a phenomenal Steam review

Every time I delete the Uber app my car has some kind of issue


Ok guys I need to get something off my chest

My neighbor put an entire $5 cravings box (and other assorted trash) in her own reserved spot and instead of picking it up the next day she just

Finally made the move to get back on the bird app/face space/insta, but I'm gonna be on Mastodon a lot more just rambling. I love it here.

I wish I were friends with more POC. This town isn't necessarily lacking, I'm just super introverted 🙃

Strongly considering calling in sick so I can have Juneteenth off work ╮(^▽^)╭

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